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A crazy idea for a Lig tool

A crazy idea for a Lig tool

Sometimes lately when I’ve gone out and got drunk, I’ve come home and slouch in front of the tv and fall asleep fully clothed. The jeans I’m usually wearing are not tight, but the crotch material is fairly high. For unrelated reasons I recently decided to ‘dress’ to the other side as it felt unusual and different. When I have nightly erections and wake up with them in the morning, I’ve noticed that the jeans cloth forces my unit quite strongly to the side down the leg.

Lately I’ve noticed that when I have a full erection and I’m standing up, it bends from the base towards the left. It never used to do this and I’m pretty sure it’s as a result of the recent falling asleep fully clothed. This makes me wonder…

What if you had a cylinder that was strapped over the penis that had a marked deviation to one side or the other, so that when you had nightly erections it would guide the penis in that direction and give a lig stretch to the other side? The device could be worn either way up to change the direction, and alternated periodically. I calculated that the current small erect deviation is probably as a result of about 2mm more laxity on one side than the other, but it could be repeated (meaning 4mm would be required to give an equivelant deviation in the opposite direction).

This device would cause no blood constriction, or risks due to being asleep. It would operate only when the erection occured, and cease to function as the erection diminished.


“A crazy idea for a lig tool”, that sounds about right! :) Don’t think I fancy sleeping with an erection trap cylinder strapped on.

I think it was Pabs who said he got some gains from bending his nightly woodies and holding them with his leg or by lying on them. He did this before starting regular PE. That would probably be easier although you would have to be semi awake to do it.

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Yeah! When you come home drunk you probably couldn’t get your pecker in the hole. :D You’d wake up with a roll of paper towels in your pants thinking how did that get in there??

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