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A bulge

A bulge

Hello everyone, this is my first thread. I am going into my 2nd month of PE. I have been wearing a homemade ADS . There aren’t alot of materials to choose from over here in Iraq. This morning when I went to crawl into my rack, I noticed a small bulge under the head of my penis. I squeezed it and it didn’t hurt. I am using cyberskin as my ADS with a string tying it just tight enough to keep it from slipping but not tight enough to cut off circulation. I took the ADS off and went to sleep. When I woke up approximately 3 hours later, the lump was gone. Has anyone else experienced this and it is something that I need to be concerned with? The bulge was about the size of a dime.

That is what I was thinking SlackJawedYokel, I just thought I would ask. Thanks

I’d say probably fluid build-up as well…similar to the donut effect only not so bad. I’ve had the donut effect and it only lasted a couple hours.

Thanks titan, I guess it was a one time deal. It is going and staying that way so far.

It’s fluid if it’s soft to the touch. Are you in the service if so you deserve a PE medal for thinking about making your dick bigger while in a hostile country:)

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Thanks guys, as of today everything is still fine, so I think I am out of the woods. Yes Dino9x7, I am in the Army Nat. Gd, I found this site and figured that I had time on my hands. So I would give it a try and see what happened. So far so good.

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