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A Ballooning method.

A Ballooning method.

Hi guys,

Always looking for the magic recipe, I dug around a bit regarding the topic of “Ballooning”. Info is scant, and Dr. Lin’s site is an absolute mess (and I think he’s a bit of a quack), but I pieced together a routine that I believe has merit.

The simple routine:

1) Get hard
2) Squeeze base of dick with one hand.
3) Massage head with other (maybe use a little lube).

(you will likely want to throw in a bit if kegelling)

Do this for 30 minutes, bringing yourself to near orgasm 3-5 times.

Right when I’m on the verge of release, I massage the base, pubis region. Trying to “draw out” the inner penis. fingers under sack (area between sack and anus), thumbs on stomach, squeezing together. Here’s a pic:

(middle picture down, on the right)

I think the theory focuses around putting yourself in a hyper-state of arousal that supercharges the blood flow to the dick causing expansion. That’s extremely butchered, but whatever.

My take:

1) Maybe there is something to building up of testosterone, charging the ANS, and flooding the dick with all sorts of nifty hormones that might stimulate growth and help draw out that vaunted ‘inner penis.’

2) Then again, that could be BS. But at the very least, you’re doing one hell of a squeeze routine.

3) At the very worst, you’ll develop the ability to hold back your orgasm 5 times.

I’ve only done this for a few days now, but I have to say…I prefer it to jelqing, and I am impressed with my size at the end of a session.


(ps Oh yes, you might want to go for a bit of a jog first to get the hearbeat up.)

(pps Be carefull if you do happen to release near the end of a session. Your cum will shoot you in the face.)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Hey north,

I don’t know if you read my post about the ballooning. I called it “the key to my first gains.” Check it out, there’s some more stuff in there for you.

Hey Obi,

Here’s your post:

The Key to my First Gains

I never saw it, good info. I’ve completely neglected the “anal breathing” (now there’s a term that need to be renamed…). If you have anymore thoughts on the method, or techniques you are using…feel free to share.

I’ve also come across the occaisional info regarding the possible size increases attibuted to prolonged states of hyper-arousal.

Anyone who wishes to debunk this, feel free. I’m stumbling in the dark here.


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

You could wear a cock ring for even more expansion.

Funny you should mention that, as I’ve been experimenting with my homedics wrap. Not quite a cock ring, but seem to work quite well.

Hmm…ballooning is starting to sound more and more like a uli, huh?


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Originally posted by northstar
Hmm…ballooning is starting to sound more and more like a uli, huh?


Yes it is, and our good budy doc Lin is sounding more and more like a loony, but a good 10% of is stuff is right on.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

That guy’s funny. What’s his deal? I can see little faces of him in my head when I’m ballooning, saying stuff like “But FIRST, you need power-up stage for longer penis and more sexual orgasm.” Kind of cracks me up…makes me loose my erection too.

Dudes, hook yourselves up with some Multi-Clamps. Those things are slammin’ if it’s a ballooning thing you’re after.

Becoming.... Godsize

Very interesting!

I personally have not tried ballooning yet, but I will try to incorporate it into my regime soonish :P

Yea, this is interesting, have to check on it some more.

I’m gonna give this a try; worth a shot.

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This is an old thread, guys. His method does not sound right anyway.

For example, if you are ballooning, your penis head is OFF LIMITS. Stay away from your head and your frenulum.

You are to

-Get hard
- Stroke your shaft, and now again concentrating on massaging the area of veins on the top of your shaft at the base of your penis. Just massaging that area with your thumb.

I can get very very hard when I do that. I have not done it in a while, may try it out today.

Does it cause gains, I have no idea.

Although I have a crazy idea that it may help cement PE gains.

My understanding of ballooning is that it simply involves remaining on the verge of orgasm for as long as possible. This differs from edging as edging involves approaching orgasm, allowing it to subside, and repeating. Ballooning is about getting to the edge and staying there.

As far as I know, the technique(s) used to stay near the verge of orgasm are irrelevant and depend on what works best for the individual. However, it’s really easy to go over the edge if you involve the glans too much (especially the area around the frenulum) since it is generally the most sensitive. I believe that’s why people have given the advice of staying away from the glans, it’s easy to accidentally go too far.

I think the thumb near the base technique is just an example of something that is able to keep you on the edge without being likely to make you go past the point of no return because it’s not overly stimulating. I suppose it could also help to relax your muscles near the base as you have a tendency to clamp down when ballooning.

I personally don’t find the thumb at the base technique stimulating enough to maintain an erection for the durations required of ballooning so I use other techniques such as the typical up/down motion on the shaft only, playing with the testicles, etc. to stay near the verge without going over. I also incorporate stimulating the glans some on the approach to the edge but I’ve learned to stay away from it when I get too close.

This is my understanding from reading some older threads here. Unfortunately, I don’t have the handy at the moment but I *think* they were from Ganish10in.

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