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9 months done (it's a new boy)

9 months done (it's a new boy)

Well I’m not having any child but after 9 continous months of PE, I have walked away with .75” inches in length and .125” in new girth, a brand new boy as far as I am concerned.

Currently 7.25bp x 5.125, I will now continue on with my lurking…sorry vets.

Hey Nevada,

Congrats on the “New Boy”!


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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Good for you man!

Congratulations to your”new boy”!

What kind of PE did you do?

I like to Believe in People's Best

Congrats on your gains and love the avatar (Vegas fiend). If I can get 3/4” in length over the next 9 months I would be happy. Just hope I can stay focused for that long as I am very impatient! Please comment on your routine.

Go BIG or go home! 1/1/04 7" X 5.25" BPEL 6" NBP 1/31/04 7.25" X 5.25" BPEL 6 1/8" NBP

Well basically all I’ve been doing is manual stretching for 20 minutes for 6 days on 1 day off. No hot wraps or warm-ups of any kind, and ever since my LOT moved to 8 around 2 months ago, I’ve stopped BTC stretching and have moved onto stretching at 12 o’clock.

I find that tunica stretching is very benefical to growth and great for getting a larger flaccid hang.

And ever since I’ve been continuely PEing, I’ve always finish my workout with 10 min of jelqing. For my first 8 months I would only do about 1 workout a day. But now I’ve started doing PE 2-3 times a day, for usually something like 2 days on 1 day off. I’ll be sure to update you guys as that continues.

Thanks for the support Thundergoer’s

Shooter best of luck you can do it.

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