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8x6 I love Excel!



goingforit, thats just what I wanted to know! But since I’m not a regular poster, and relative noobie, I thought I might be missing something glaringly obvious.

BTW supersizeit, just wanna say I enjoy reading your posts. Always articulate and informative!


Goingforit and Stump

Thanks for the Compliment Goingforit but I think that maybe Im aging after-all :chuckle: I went to a Club/Lounge (Club 69) in NYC last weekend and the bouncer did not ask me for ID. This was like an insult to me! because I always get asked for ID as a result of my youthful appearance and I always expect that ID request and the stunned look on their faces when they do a double take. They have spoiled me for years with that and I must admit that it feels good! :) Hmmmmm maybe its because more of the grey hairs are starting to show on my sides or maybe it was because I was with a group of some younger people in their early 30’s and he just kind of assumed I was around that age too by association. Hmmmm we will have to see what happens next time around, after-all, one incident can not be reason to rush to conclusions…Right? :chuckle:

Thanks Stump, I see that you are relatively new here.
Welcome to the forum. I hope that you can realize your goals. Now about that 9NBPEL to 7.625NBPEL issue that the both of you are curious about… That can be answered by simply referring to the very post I ever made at Thunders whereby I introduced myself to the forum.

been there…done that!…

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Thanks for link!

Man your Goals: 9.25BPx7.0 - awesome. You will achieve it too no doubt. I don’t know which is more impressive….the EL or EG… Gotta be the EG! 7” wowzerz! I’m not far off 8”BP, and am 5.25 EG, wanna be 6. 7” EG literally is a ‘pipe dream’ fnar fnar :D . Hope I ‘excel’ once I achieve the magical 8x6.

Man I am a lazy typist…maybe why I don’t post here so often what with there being such high standards. On other boards I tend to type more ‘phonetically’. I also go off topic far too often. :p

Spank me Thunder!!

Luv StumP

Watch it Stump, dont get too kinky with Thunder or he might do more than just spank you! :chuckle: Remember there are new Mods inducted today and they will be looking for blood just like “rookie cops”. They smell you already…dont worry I will try to keep them at bay but in the meanwhile stay on your best behavior otherwise when they come I will be forced to say that I dont know you.
J/k Mods! :chuckle:

8x6 You can do it man!!! ;)

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since



As a friend (thank God) of some of the Spelling Police here I can tell you that you are making great strides. Something I learned while overhearing one of their Brown Shirt/Black Boot meetings is that they behave kindly toward people who try to write better, and toward those for whom English is not their first language, or even second.

I am currently re-learning a third language. What is actually fun in that is that my teacher allows errors, accepts them gracefully, but insists that I learn to correct them as I go along. I know that she would become very quickly bored with me if I did not attempt to make myself better with each lesson.

You are doing fine. Forget CyberSpeak. Not an accepted language here and probably shouldn’t be accepted in CyberLand, either, imo.



Originally Posted by supersizeit
Good post Ike. The position you mentioned is popular among women because it allows them to be in control of the action and they are essentially getting themselves off because they instinctively know when to move a little to the right or the left, speed up or slow down and whatnot.

Many women have told me that I am as perfect as they come but I still have some doubts because while I am inside a woman there have been some times where a women became unusually excited only when I had a number 10 rock hard erection and I was on the verge of cumming and she would say something like:

OMG Ohhh yeahhh! Thats the spot! Please dont stop now. Thats the spot!

As a result of those experiences, I have often wondered if it was because I had the little bit of extra length at the number 10 erection and I hit some magic spot or if it was because they sensed I was about to cum and that increased their excitement and they merely perceived that I had hit some spot. In any case at my current 8.25BPx6.0/7.625NBP I have found that I fill the needs of most women and I should be very happy about that and not get too greedy and end up having problems for being too long.

I still think here… (and I am going on a gut feeling and instinct) that about another inch will be the difference between a great lover and one that is absolutely out of this world without putting me in the danger zone. To that extent I think between 8 and 8.5NBP is the length to shoot for. When I was 9NBPx7 (14 years ago) of the women that could handle me there were some that would actually pass out after cumming because the orgasm was so intense for them They would wake up and say:

What the hell just happened?

I have not been able to duplicate that since. I am still relatively in the same great shape I was back then and if anything my love making skills have increased so I think it must be the length and girth that makes the crucial difference.

That’s pretty impressive about the women passing out, I’ve heard of that from guys with really big dicks. About what percentage of women were like that would you say? or that became “sexually addicted” to you in general? And how many couldn’t even fit you in or didn’t like sex?

I’m still trying to find the perfect dimensions and you seem like one of the best resources there are with your experience and range of sizes. Did there ever seem to be one size where you could pleasure most women while the size queens still craved you?


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