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8 isn't going to be enough.....


“Like they all gotta look because they might not see another bulge for a few days. “
——-LOL, that was funny….. ‘cause it’s real….. :)
——-I’m with you brother. I’m gearing up for the summer months and concentrating on PE. I want to feel women getting hotter in my presence. Heh heh.. I might get some running pants (like the maraton runners wear) for fun. My buldge would look ridiculous in those!

If you were referring to mine, thanks!
——-I’m about 5.25” soft, but my nuts don’t often hang and stay close under my dick. This makes my buldge look pretty large as everything is concentrated in one spot ball at the front of my underwear (when I wear briefs for effect).
——-I think any buldge will get noticed, but the larger the buldge, the more of a reaction you’ll get. I’d say anywhere between a 5-6” flaccid with decent flaccid girth (>= 4.75” perhaps?) will provide a large buldge that will demand many stares from horny or sexually suppressed (SS) women.
——-Anyone else care to add something to the science of the budlge.

I was thinking they were Spanish or *maybe* Portuguese. They could have been Italian, though.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Buldge talk is fun. I agree with the sizes you mention, and no doubt a buldge gets duly noticed. What we have to learn is the way women look for info; they usually don’t ogle like us men do (some do of course, but it’s probably rare enough or they’re just drunk and horny as a hog). Genreally though, I think a quick glance is all they need for their verdict; and I’m pretty sure that’s true even when our clothing isn’t very tight. They are naturals at this, and we are the ones in need of a trained eye — just to be able to make correct notice of how and whether or not they just had their snapshot ogle.

Do you rarely catch a woman looking you way before you gave her a glance? Next time you spot one of these in the corner of your eye, hold off your glancing for just .5-1 sec or so… If nothing else, she probably cares to know why the hell you’re not ogling her!


Buldge talk *IS* fun :)

I think you’re right about the way women take their glances. Another thing is that women seem to take covert glances. In other words, if they’re caught looking, they don’t smile, but look away quickly as if they hadn’t been looking in the first place! Now understand that this isn’t all women, but certainly most of the women I’ve come across. When they’re drunk (as you mentioned) it’s a different story… :)

The real question is: how does one communicate that they saw the other party looking, and then translate that information into blowjobs? haha


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

It’s hard to catch women because if you looking at them they will not look, so you have to catch them when you first look at them in that first second. I have this one pair of jeans that really makes me look big and I catch chicks and some guys all the time doing the double take. This is embarrassing but I got caught looking at a guys bulge, I was at work and I dropped something and when I bent down to pick it up I was eye level at this guys crotch and this little skinny guy with tight jeans on had to have a 8 inch flaccid hang well I did the double take and the triple take and almost asked him straight out what his stats were and if he did PE. When I looked up he was looking right at me and I must have turned red as a beet and quickly got back to business.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Heh Dino… Yeah I guess even (straight like me) men can’t steer clear of buldge watching. I think an important difference, the idea I explained but maybe vaguely so, is that women need about .1 sec to decipher whether it’s a bona fide flaccid buldge or a sock buldge; an 8” flaccid or a hose pipe; and no real matter if it’s a slack pair of trousers either. Men though can check it out until they can’t get a redder face and still not be in the knowing; well, maybe a spandex buldge. Women are the predators in the glance business, we’re just sitting ducks with a grin. I guess having a real buldge makes the game worthwhile.


I’m also straight but I had to admire this guys package, shit it’s so funny to say shit like this to other guys I mean I never could tell one of my non computer friends that I was checking out some guys rod at work :D

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Not a friend you wanted to bed, then, Tug? It strikes me that “they were talking about you” is one conversational step away from “they said you had a giant dick.” You’d only have to supply a, “eh? what makes you think so?” or “what were they saying?”

from there, you’re in a conversation with a girl about Your Remarkable Penis, and she started it. That will tend to lead one place. Maybe immediately, more likely next week.

I posted this years ago, but its worth repeating.
My wife and I went for a bike ride and were both wearing spandex bike shorts. Needless to say, my bulge was evident. Upon our arrival home we met up with her parents who had stopped by to say hi. We stood in the driveway and chatted for a few minutes. To keep a long story short (double entendre intended), I caught my mother in-law (who has shoulders like a linebacker and a helmet head hairdo, a terribly revolting woman in spirit and appearence) plainly checking out my package. This experience has made me more likely to wear baggy pants and feel nearly ashamed of the bulge.
I need reindoctrination badly.


You’re right, deSol. She wasn’t a friend I wanted to bed. The reason is two-fold.

I’m not generally comfortable having sex-with-no-strings-attached as my sexual performance is somewhat lacking. This is why that I save my encounters for truely special women. I’m obviously doing something wrong as my lack of good perforamance is one of the things that keep my ‘relationships’ short-lived. Anyway, this is the reason I didn’t persue this girl (or many others, for that matter); bad sex makes for awkward situations — something I try to avoid.

Second, she wasn’t anything special! If she were a hottie, I would have pushed a little harder, but she was average in every department and not sexually attractive (at least not to me). She had a nice tight body (little big in the waist, but not fat) and big tits, but her face wasn’t doing it for me. I know, I know, I’m shallow, but I have to be attracted to the person I fuck.

Oh, and Dino, I’ve been known to look at the male buldge as well. Pre-PE I almost became obsessed with it as a means of ranking myself. I would try to mentally compare myself with other men — the mark of a truly insecure individual. I’m glad I left that side of me behind years ago! I had a roomate that was pretty hung (probably 6.5”) and he would loung in boxers and I caught myself on more than one occassion cock watching! I remember getting pretty jealous! haha

As an aside, I just measured again (I measure often, but am not afraid of being discouraged as I stick with PE regardless) and it’s official, just a shade under 7.75”. I’m going to step up my routine to bi-daily and try to squeeze out more length.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Tug monkey: “The real question is: how does one communicate that they saw the other party looking, and then translate that information into blowjobs? haha”

Yell across the room “Ahaa!! I so caught you meat gazing you dirty little hose hound”

Am I the only one here that is under the belief that anything spandex for men is stictly off limits??

Biking shorts in spinning class okay - skin tight spandex in the weight room.. Umm.. Gay guys don’t even do that.

I remember once a ‘friend’ with a monster cock wearing white spandex in the weight room one day. People were going 10, 15, even 20 feet our of the way to avoid getting close to the guy or heaven forbid he come up and actually talk to them. That was some funny shit.

I recommend tight pants for an impressive masculine way of saying: hey, I can’t help it if my bulg doesn’t fit in these things.

I have been PEing for 18 months. My flaccid is about 5.25 X 5. If I am wearing tight pants my wife will look at me and say, “Would you push that thing down, please? I don’t want anyone else seeing that.” So, what do you think of fat men with bulges? Gross, huh. LOL

Good thread about bulge watchers. I don’t think I had seen this thread before, but I believe I was having a computer malfunction at about the time this thread was begun. tug_monkey hasn’t posted since September of last year, but was last time here just few days ago.

One thing I’ve noticed and I’m alittle embarrased of is that since I began PEing I’ve started checking out guys bulges for comparison.

I think this is just a side effect of paying so much attention to my own bulg lately.


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