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7"+ wehoo

7"+ wehoo

No, I haven’t gained 7 inches, but I have finally passed the 7” mark on the ruler! This has been a goal for me during the past month and I finally made it… I am into the low LOT group at LOT 7.30. The 0.1 inch gain this month isn’t that drastic, but it has come from jelquing and tunica stretching. I think jelquing made it… This means a total gain of 0.6” length during 2.5 months… It could have been worse, I must say I am glad I spent that 1/2 hour/day on average… It has boosted my self confidence =) What I´d like to say, especially to you in the low LOT group, gains can be accomplished by anyone! 0.1 inch/month, well not that much, but in if I keep it one year? That makes it +1.2inches. Two years = +2.4 inches…

Thanks for everyones support in this forum

Restarting everything.

Hey Mr Cow good gain and a great attitude

Nice !

Wow this shit works!

Great gains! What kind of tunica workout are you doing?

Long term PE - what I personally feel is necessary in most cases. 0.5” in a year means 2” in only 4 yrs. Seems a small gain but time passes by rapidly.


Originally posted by Guiri
but time passes by rapidly.

It really does.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

I agree.

Sept 2 2002 Bpel 6.8 Eg 5.5 Sept 2 2003 Bpel 7.6 Eg 6.0 Yeah i know...5 years..updating soon i hate mesuring...

Time goes by quickly for everything. I’ll give a couple of personal examples if I may. I tried out for our local police dept in November. They said that I had not completed enough volunteer work to be considered a qualified applicant. I have been volunteering like crazy and liking it. You can only apply to the same force once a year where I live. It is now April, and only 7 months until I can apply again. It goes quickly. I feel like it’s just around the corner now, it seemed very depressing at the time I was turned down, but I’m ok now:)

Another example.

A friend of mine ran dead in his career. He was 36 at the time. He decided that he was going to become a doctor because his education enabled him to go straight into medical school. Everyone kept telling him. “But you’ll be in school for 7 years! And other garbage like that. Well, the 7 years is up and he is a doctor at the age of 44. He has a good 25+ years left as a doctor. not bad for 7 short years of effort.


Great work Mrcow! Keep it up!

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Thanks to everyone responding in this thread. My purpose is to make you aware of the goals which are there waiting for you, maybe only 30 days away?

mike2002: My program looks like following: (*notice I have not been able to stick to it everyday since I am very very busy these days)

Tunica stretch:
(1st day) = 20 min dual fulcrums upward + 20 regular upward stretching
(2nd day) = 20 min regular upward stretching.

Jelquing: 20-25 min —> 5on/2off
Erection level during jelqsession = everything from 90-40% varies a lot.

* I have tried to split the tunica work, for instance doing 20 minutes at 6pm, 20 minutes at 11pm. I have also been very careful with the wrapping since I got a temporary discoloration on top of the glands. I have decided to start more serious at week 23, then I have finished a lot of projects/exams in school.

Thanks all for your response! I will continue PEing and my goal to achieve will be achieved at /or before Christmas 2003. The hard work and the desire I have will make it possible though LOT 7.30. This longing will make it a great Christmas present :D

Restarting everything.

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