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7 BPEL wasn't enough for her.


Her action of pulling in your hips could just as easily been her way of asking for a good pounding. You were nudging, she wanted pounding. But she was too tight, and you would have blown immediately. So, logically, I conclude that you were actually too big for her—not too small. Your girth made her want you harder, but also kept you from banging her the way she wanted you to.

My advice, work in the premature ejaculation thing. Jerk off a few hours before your next bout. Practice edging, anal “breathing,” and all that good shit.

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Absolutely Modesto, the prem ejac problem is certainly the main problem. If I could have pounded away at top speed for a while, I’m pretty sure I could have sent her over the edge.



Originally Posted by pabs
HEY !!
Just because she was pulling on you, just means she was having a great time with you !.

If you want to go deeper put her on her hands and knees and put on of your legs by her side, trust me just try it.

Have fun.

Thanks Pabs. I’m pretty sure she was having a good time, I just don’t think she came, which is pretty hard on the ego.

Are you describing a crouching doggy style position? I’m not sure exactly what you mean.



I love a condom with a gal on the first time, you can last forever or until the condom breaks. Never use a lubricated condom that only causes increased lack of sensitivity in an already lubricated crease. If it feels like your drilling in an enlarged knot hole on old forest growth than you have to begin inserting fingers to keep you and her happy.

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condoms are definate mood killers but i fuck some girls on the side just for fun.. i dont trust those bitches ;)

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Originally Posted by sparkyx
Zig…thats your INTERPRETATION of what she was doing…maybe she was just totally into it and having a good time!?

Don’t let your head fuck with you so much! She was there…she was letting you fuck her…she sounds like she had a good time…RELAX and just enjoy her mate.

Exactly. That’s my opinion too.


you transmit anxiety when reporting about the “events”. It seems to me anxiety is ruining the sexual experience for you. Work on that too, relax.

True. It’s kind of a vicious circle, in which, if I don’t make a girl cum, I become anxious, and that stops the sex being as good as it could be.



MOST girls do not come from vaginal sex alone. It’s no big deal.

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

Originally Posted by Ziggaman
True. It’s kind of a vicious circle, in which, if I don’t make a girl cum, I become anxious, and that stops the sex being as good as it could be.

Zig, are you sure you don’t make “a girl cum”? This doesn’t sound reasonable, it can’t be true.

I’m about your size. In 30 years of sex life, whether I’ll satisfy a woman or not hasn’t been an issue. I don’t really think that satisfying a woman is totally dependant on dick size. Nature can’t be so fucked up. I swear I have never failed satifying a woman during that time, unless some faked orgasms, in which case I don’t care either. When I’m about to get in bed with a woman, dick size has never come to my mind. I’m sure you have plenty of meat to satisfy any woman. I remember a post by Anna, she said the smallest size that would satisfy her was 4.5” (Anna please, if you are around correct me).

Satisfying a woman takes much more than dick size, believe me. Personality, self-confidence, intelligence, personal charm, wits, power, money, testosterone, etc.. Don’t underestimate them. If you meet a woman that only cares about the amount of meat she’s receiving, dump her (after a good fuck), she just can’t be an interesting woman.

I PE because I wan’t to. I want to have a larger dick, for me, not for them. For them I do not need more. Neither do you.

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Man, that condom problem is exactly the problem I have as well. The drop in sensation and change in mood is enough to drop a bit of hardness. Then you really need to thrust to keep him up, and cumming too soon or you end up loosing your erection.

I take some viagra to help take the pressure off, so I can slow down the speed and make it last longer. Though recently, I had a difficult time cumming, it didn’t actually feel exciting inside and she had to finish off with a hand-job.

Try Crown Skinless Skin condoms. One of the thinnest condoms. I’ve tried it, fits great and contours onto the foreskin as well. It added .1 to my girth. It should fit 5 girth without squeezing down your erection. Many reviews say they don’t even know its on. I can say it felt really good as well.

Your other option is textured condoms if she still doesn’t feel your full erection size, but that might cut down on your own sensation. There are alot of condoms out there, some lube the glans so it glides around in the condom, some use those “roomy” ended condoms. Good Luck.

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Originally Posted by twatteaser

They are developing those chemical hardon dick wrappers in your country now Ziggy. There are news articles about it TODAY, though I did post previously on it.

Hey Twatman, where’d you post about this? I searched for it but was unable to locate it.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Originally Posted by Vegeto
Why does so much of that sound familiar to me?? :( Why hasn’t someone invented a device better than condoms yet?

Oh but they have, its called, you ain’t gonna like it, abstinence.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


No tone intented. Things get lost in print that would be conveyed more acurately in person.

When I’m talking to you, I think of you like a younger brother. I know your a good guy, just trying to make his way through life….as we all are.

Vincent Van Cocks thread is excellent. Give Her the Big O

But if I could give you advice, it would be this.

The biggest thing in interpersonal relationships, is energy (my opinion). You convey energy first, during and last.

The energy is based on your heart and intent.

If your words and actions don’t match your energy…people pick up you are not sincere or faking it.

The best place to start is to be straight up. That is, speak as you think and act as you speak.

So, what the hell does that have to do with this? Nothing…just kidding, actually it does.

Sexual energy, women feel this very strongly and I believe crave it from their men. The best way to really get this sexual energy flowing…is to quit DOING!!!

By that I mean, DOING involves a lot of thinking, analysis,planning etc. Of course when you are using your mind for all this…any fears and anxieties will have the chance to creep in if they are there.

I propose stop DOING and just get into BEING! In practical terms that means forget about all your problems and fears and inadequicies and just ENJOY her.

Were talking stopping and looking and smelling and feeling. You’ve gone through all this and now you have her there with you.

Concentrate on totally enjoying yourself with her. Don’t stop and try and figure what to do with her next…concentrate on just doing what you feel with her when you feel it.

If you do this successfully, you will get anchored in the MOMENT, and this is the only place where the energy really flows and you and her can both get caught up and lost in it.

Talk to any of the ol’ timers that really get lost in the sex with their gal…time warps and you kind of melt into the moment…and thats always the very BEST!

Look at her, drink in her beauty, her fragrance…what are you MOVED to do? Not what you THINK you should do next…what are you DRAWN to do?

Start with the first thing you are drawn to do and do it slowly and with total involvement with it.

It like when I see a woman who REALLY loves to give head…most sexy thing in the world to see (or experience). Watch her, she gets totally lost in the ACT… she isn’t trying to make him come, she almost doesn’t even notice him…she get lost in sucking that cock.

Now THAT is incredible to experience, the energy flow, the sensuality of it…it draws you in and you can get lost in it with her.

On the other hand, most women are WORKING at it…mechanical, driving toward some goal they are trying to achieve. A whole quantum level lower than the above.

So for you, start on her with your fingers or tongue or both and start where you are truly drawn to…then proceed slowly and gently and forget her…just enjoy the experience. Enjoy the feeling on your tongue, your fingers, her taste, her smell, her sounds and moans. Don’t try and MAKE anything happen, just ENJOY what you are doing in the moment!

You being totally in the moment will draw her into it with you, and the energy will flow tremendously. Now if that doesn’t make her come, than she has head problems and isn’t letting go either.

Trust me, she will be begging you to fuck her (I love to make them beg!) THEN, use Vincents technique and fuck her REAL SLOW…and if you are getting close to cumming, stop the stroking and go to rocking the pressure. This will cut your stimulation quit a bit, yet not drop her level of stimulation very much at all.

You probably won’t be able to stay in the moment very long at first, but the more you practice it the longer you can stay there. Being in the moment is characterized by no thoughts of past or future. No worries or trying…just being…and feeling very alive.

I think most women will describe it as a “passionate” man… and they truly value it. I think most men in return, who have experienced a truly “passionate” woman would agree…everything else is second best!

After re-reading this, this whole “moment” thing…I’m specifically talking about when you are with her sexually. The moment can also apply to one’s whole life, but for this discussion, I’m refering to sex.

Wow. Thanks again Sparky, for another great post.

You really hit the nail on the head, and I know you’re right.

The thing about DOING, is it does get you to a better place. I guess once you’re there, it’s a case of letting go. For instance, if I had just gone on BEING in my old pattern of neediness, I probably wouldn’t have got this honey pot into bed in the first place.

So maybe BEING and DOING are kind of YIN YANG energies. Both being necessary to move upwards.




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