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6days on 1 off?

6days on 1 off?

does anyone recommend this? 6 days of jelq and one off?


I like 5-2 but what the “F” try and see if it works for you


I’ve done both 5/2 and 6/1. Can’t see it makes any difference re: gains. Just a matter of available time.



Well man, it all depends on the routine youre doing. You just have to try it out and see how it feels with your routine. Depending on the intensity of your workouts you may or may not need more off days. I’m currently doing a twice a day routine (20 minutes in the a.m./30 or so in the p.m.) two days on, one off, repeat. This routine is working for me because I’m doing two short but, intense squeezing workouts a day. If I did more than two days in a row my penis would by bugging the hell out of me because I’m starting to get skin stretching and I have to keep moisturizer on the skin to keep the stretched areas from cracking and getting irritated. So, like I said and as was said by dino…just give it a shot and see how it fits you. I dont think any of us should try to model our routines at least not completely after what works for others.

I’m with stillwantmore…I do my main PE 3-4 times per week, depending on recovery. I try to stretch for 5 minutes every time I’m in the shower…that alone has me hanging a little bit better. The more intense you go, the more you should recover. Chicks don’t like blood spotted dicks. :)

(well, most of them)


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That’s what I was doing two heavy intense errect 20 min workouts works great for girth but I want that last .25 in length so I can say I have a 8 inch dick. So I been doing a lot more old school jelqing. No doubt about it you have to rest more when your doing squeezes I used to beat my dick up pretty bad, the plain jlqing doesn’t seem to tire my dick out half as much.


With light jelqing and stretches I could go 6on/1off, but with the routine I’m doing now, with stretches, 25mins w/ the PJ Device and some squeezes after, the most I can handle is 3on/1off.

So it depends on the intensity of your routine and/or the way your penis reacts to the routine.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Thanks guys i think i will take it abit easier as i use the power jelq i will do 25 30 mins for five days and take 2 days off maybe not consecutive days but two rest days aweek dont want to kill the old fella all together ;) Yguy how are you getting on the the power jelq? whats you feeling about it? thanks, BTW you mention fully erect jelqing i thought that was dangerous but i must admit i must be 90% erect when u use the pj so its about 75% erect work out and about 35% semi erect is this ok?

Hey Jaggy, yea I like how it feels during and after the session. Its more intense and requires less time, which is great. Just takes a learning curve to keep your penis from sliding out the sides, but once you get it down, and you can jelq for 20-25 mins with the PJ Device, you’re getting a great workout.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Hey Yguy thanks for the reply,i was reading some other threads and post of yours,all i can say is WOW………………..congratulations on your amazing gains,you deserve them from the work you have put in ,i only hope a gain half as much …congrats again


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