6 month progress report

Hey all, first time posting here!

I´ve been Pumping, jelqing and stretching since June, I was 5´5´´ by that time and I´m 6´5´´ by now(hard), I´m very happy with the results altough seems above average of you guys here at the forum…

My routine pretty much was a mix of pumping, jelqing and stretching without any organized timetable, logbooking or any measuring system, I lack motivation during sum time but never quit completely for longer then about 2 weeks…

For next year, í´m planning some structured routine as follow:

Wed,Fri,Sun = 200 jelqs(mixed types) and heaps of stretching afterwards - about 40´ all
Tue,Thu,Sat = Pumping for about 40´ as well

Over this experience period, I have noted some responses from my body as:
-Can´t pump properly after a jelq session
-Stretching is much easier if a jelq sessions is done previously
-Probably the best PE excersise found is Kegel´s, they are easy to do (at University, car, or even eating), and my control during sex has improved heaps, I can cum whenever i want now, and get hard rock very often…

Any suggestion is welcome

PS: I´m not that concerned about girth, not even measuring it!should I start doing?to get me motivated?

"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary!