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6 Month of PE: The bottom line


I found this thread while searching for information on edging. Well said, mrdstein. Your works have invoked new determination in me.

Great post, agree with your philosophy. It has to fit in with you lifestyle. Experienced a small gain recently myself but would not like to calculate how many hours went in to achieving this. But when gains do happen it is very inspiring and make all the effort worthwhile.

Nice to read something down to earth and straight to the point!

Originally Posted by mrdstein
Lastly, I do not lurk arround the forum all day questioning other peoples size claims, whether pics are photoshoped or whatever. I’d rather save that time for excercise because that is the only way that MY dick is going to become larger. Furthermore, claims of others keep me motivated to continue and I am happy for every person gaining. But I will definitely not waste my time questioning things, etc. because it will not help me with my goals.

I appreciate your time management. Most of your post is great. On your last point, you are way off-track. Should you read people questioning gains and criticizing methods, please understand, that the “tried and true” methods you employ were most likely subject to the same scrutiny you appear to show disdain for. And yes, methods and devices ARE hyped and supported by phony evidence. Apparently, that has been an issue here in the past; I think the thread was about a user named “Double-Length,” or something like that. People that “lurk” around the forum “questioning other peoples’ sizes” (normally while they are hanging/stretching) aid newbies in making appropriate choices. It is this shared experience in deciphering fact from fiction which sets this community apart from the endless plethora of scams offering penis enhancement. Unless you developed all of your own techniques, then please realize people spent time on the forum helping you, when they could have spent the time making their dick bigger.

So yes, lurking and criticism does make YOUR dick larger.

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

You are aware that you are repling to a near 4 years old post, lmorleytx, right?

Haha. No. I am in rare form today. After realizing the age of the post, I realize I am a goofball. At least the post is answered for posterity’s sake. Haha!

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.



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