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5000 JelqsDay.Can I do it


A year ago, I did 2,000 jelqs a day 2 on / 1 off. And I got results in lenght, but didn’t have the time to increase the number at all. Start with 1,000 and increase 250 every week or so. That’s they way I did it.


I’m kinda new to pe, but I have been exercising since I was 13. One thing I do know is that yes bodybuilders work on their bodies all day, but most of the time it’s their diets, just a couple hours for workout. Anymore time on workouts your body starts to eat at your muscles. Most people recommend 45 minutes per workout. On rare occasions they do blast their bodies real hard for maybe 2-3 hours at one time, but usually it is light weight, so they can handle the length of their workouts. That’s just to shock the body, then they rest for a couple days afterwards.

Me being new to pe I’m not going to try 5000 jelq in one day, but since you have been doing this for awhile give it a try and see what happens. It might just stimulate it enough to make it grow bigger. I just can’t see doing it every day for a month, I know I wouldn’t be able to get an erection for at least 2 wks if I tried. If you do have all that time to pe for 4-6 hours a day, I would recommend doing some crunches, and walking to lose some of that belly. It would make a bigger impact on you then jelqing, since you already have good size down there. Plus you might just loose some of you fat pad, which will also make you bigger down their. Good luck.

I have been told that my fat pad being gone would make my dick appear even bigger, but I have also been told that losing the fat pad can be tricky for her, because of the fact that bone against bone can really hurt her. I don’t know..

I think that I should lose the belly simply for the health reasons involved, but having a bigger looking penis would be motivation in itself.

Today is Christmas and I have the day off, so I guess I will try and do 5000 again just to see what happens.

By the way, thanks for those of you that have gone to see my pics and compared me and Aristo’s photos. He still has me by some, but hopefully in 2006 I will catch him.



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