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5 on, 2 off?


5 on, 2 off?

As an on-again-off-again body builder in past years, there was a pretty well established and recognized standard that exercising every other day, or 3 days a week were best in allowing the body to regenerate after cells were stressed from workouts. While penises are somewhat different in structure, they ARE still made of tissues that function and regenerate the same as other parts of our body - I would think…

So WHERE does the frequently expressed practice of exercising 5 days straight, then 2 day off for regeneration come from? In regular body building, excessive working out - that is, too hard and too often usually results in actually tearing DOWN tissue instead of building it up = could that also be the case if PE is practiced too often and too hard?


Actually the more advance a body builder the less often they work the body part. Every professional would probably agree that the most common classic mistake people make in working out is they return to the same muscle too soon and are working too many muscles at the same time so are not intense enough with the tearing of the individual muscle. If you pick up any magazine and look at their workouts you see that they are working the same muscle only once every 5 days or so. Oh sure they work out all the time but they are splitting up their routine.

Now the penis does not work the same way. I don’t buy into any of the regeneration of cells or splitting or whatever. For the umpteenth time I will throw it out there for someone to reply to it but no one ever does. I am open to hear about such things, but I just don’t think PE works that way. If it did this would be a much easier process. My belief is that it is a matter of stretching and stressing the ligs and the cavernosa and tunica. What happens is that the organ wants to return to its normal size. So we want to stress and keep it in the expanded state for as long as possible to train it to stay that way. If you notice those tribal dudes they hung all day and they are huge. However, their units are not functional. So that is why we take off the hanger every 20 minutes or so to massage and jelq and restore circulation before attaching again. Additionally jelqing and intense long ulies put great stress and strain on our units and eventually they need some rest for recovery and to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves permanently.

Anyway, that is my take on it. Feel free to disagree because we still don’t have a consensus on rest days and good people can disagree on this. Many have claimed that resting more gave them gains also. I just go and go until I feel I need rest. Actually currently I do a wrap many times a day and it is so intense sometimes I have to take the next day off.


Well, as *I* understand it, the theory is that the act of stretching and stressing penises thru jelqing and sqeezes, is to physically induce tearing and carefully controlled stretching of the walls of the cavernosa, and that the body then reacts by “filling in” the areas opened and thinned from that exercise. If THAT is true, then there IS a high degree of physical tissue healing that needs time to take place - and if that time is not allowed to happen, gains may not occur, and actual damage and injury may occur. That’s pretty much true of every form of strenuous physical exercise I have been involved in thru the years, and I really don’t see why THIS type of physical stress would be any different.

Think about bicep exercises for instance. If a fella did intense curls 5 days straight - often doing additional ones thru the day when he happened to walk by the weights - and then only rested on weekends, would he likely make the gains he would with a SINGLE thorough exercise routine every other day? I don’t think so!

Tissue is tissue - when it’s damaged or stressed, it HAS to be given adequate time to heal and regenerate - and grow to meet the new levels of stress being placed upon it.

We can scan posts in this and similar forums, and see WIDELY varying results obtained by different PEers - can’t help but wonder if it’s due to similarly varying physical characteristics, or wide variations in the way exercising is conducted - how often and how intense, as well as time allowed for the body to rejuvenate after stress.

In any event, I’ve been doing the jelqing bit and mild stretches for about 8 months now, with SOME gains, but nothing like I had hoped for. This is with the 5 on, 2 off schedule. As an experiment, I think I will use a workout schedule more like my old body building routine, mon-wednesday- friday, and the weekend off - but make sure the days I *do* exercise are VERY thorough and intense.

Of course, we all realize that NORMALLY, it takes time for tissue to display growth - biceps won’t show radical visible growth in mere days or a couple of weeks - nor is it reasonable to expect penises to do so. I would expect to see penis growth with proper routines to take a year or more for serious gains on the order of and inch or so in length and girth - but dammit, I’m already 65, and wanna still be physically able to USE those gains before I’m in an old folks home…


I think everyone over exercises or underexercises. I mean look at it like this who has the time to pull on their dick like it is some Huskavarna Chainsaw cord? So privacy is a factor, so when everyone gets a chance they overdo it. Well at least the new guys. I mean having size on your dick from exercise, who would not say well I am tougher, heal faster, etc… than everyother person on this board. Suddenly you are rubbing your dick like barbra eden is going to jump out grant you three wishes and fuck you all at the same time. HOLY MAJOR NELSON, Batman!

If there wer a video of how to correctly hang, jelq, uli, etc… half this shit would be over with. This board is awesome! I enjoy talking with every single one of yous! This is a psudeo-science with more innovation needed all the time. There are no standards to find anything out. The scientific method is not usuable here on the board. I do enjoy your debates! I must say i could care less how it happens as long as it does! I think we are all here for one purpose. A bigger dick! A better dick!

We need more effective instruction as well as computer literacy for some of us. How could we best make videos, etc….? I have a dubbing machine for vhs. Any ideas or am I just a mad dog on a rant here?


We are the cavemen of PE we don’t even have the wheel yet when it comes to PE. Every now and than a guy like Bigger “bib”
comes along and we discover how to make fire and we progress a little bit further. What I’m trying to say is we are the lab rat’s in thunders cage trying to find what works and what don’t. I have always said rest time is important but some guys have made huge gains without it. The only advice I could give on rest time is, if your not getting good gains and your working your dick off than add more rest time or if you are resting allot and getting no gains than add to your workout time. I got my best gains when I was doing 2x20min workouts a day. Right now I’m in a work it to it screams for mercy mode, for about a month than I will take a week off than measure and decide than about future workouts.
Also all my gains have come after a rest time.


So the moral of the story is genetics. Some gain fast and then cap out. Some may gain slow but keep going for years. Rest never hurts anyone! Start with a bit of rest each time, if you are doing well move up to a longer/more often work out. Close the gap. If not allow more rest to help you out. See what your gauge is! That way if youare a novice you won’t get pissed at really low gains! You can always speed up and see if you are a genetic natural to it. Some people in weight lifting blow up like a friggin ballon. Others have to work and work to see anything. try and take a moderate pace to see which of the two camps you might belong too!

Maybe PE is more like distance running than it is like body building. If a distance runner took almost any days off,k he would suck. Certainly, if he took weekends off, he would really suck.

Just a thought to throw in the mix.


Interersting point! Who knows? To each his own. We know very little about this area. So experimenting for oneself as well as the group is a must! TT

Yes I understand what you are saying here,

“stretching and stressing penises thru jelqing and sqeezes, is to physically induce tearing and carefully controlled stretching of the walls of the cavernosa, and that the body then reacts by “filling in” the areas opened and thinned from that exercise.”

But I don’t agree with this,

“While penises are somewhat different in structure, they ARE still made of tissues that function and regenerate the same as other parts of our body - I would think…

For whatever reason it is not the same, especially as the bicept. If this were true I would have a giant cucumber for a penis. It just is different. How? Why? And how do we adapt to the difference is what’s important. I have tried all the combos. Twice a day, every other day, 2 on ond off, 3 on one off 4,5,6, etc and the same with the rest days. Oh and yeah I did give it time too. I just think it is a mistake to stick to a regiment and not listen to your body. It also depends on what you are doing for PE. But I believe that some days you can and should do more and other days it is best to rest. It would be a mistake to rest when you don’t need it or it is best to continue just to stick with a preordained regiment. The opposite it true as well. It is best to rest when you need it instead of continuing because of the routine. We have to listen to out bodies.


One thing for sure seems to apply here - ONE size (exercise routine) definitely DOES NOT fit all! At least in terms of exercise methods and schedules…

There are so MANY variables among us - younger guys still in “growth mode” for their entire bodies - and widely varying penis sizes to begin with, and also varying physical abilities as to potential limits for additional growth - at least *I* generally assume there IS a practical and physical limitation as to the amount of growth available for a specific penis. Just because “Joe” inccreased HIS size by 2 inches in a year doesn’t mean *I* can, or will - or that Joe’s exercise agenda will work for ME the same way it did for him.

Add to that the additional variables of age - as in a 65 year old like me, and the proper exercise approach and capability for growth MAY be totally different from that of a 20 year old - plus the younger guys MAY be capable of better gains than us older guys!

SURE, I expect that there are a number of GENERAL guidelines for exercising that will provide best results in the MAJORITY of cases, but probably none that will give EACH of us the maximum possible growth rate and speed. At that point, I suppose we each must experiment a bit to find what works best in our specific case.

I certainly agree that good judgement must be used, and the intense workout that seemed to do well last week MAY not be best today if there’s a significant degree of soreness present before we even begin today’s routine.


By the way, when you get into the hanging aspect of PE, what I said above really comes into play. I believe it would be a mistake to stick with a set regiment when hanging. The philosophy of hanging takes quite a bit of finesse since it is all about the getting the ligs to reach fatigue. What I mean is hang until fatigued instead of number of days etc. There is much to say on this and tons of post also. That is a real learning curve.


I have been tring to just avoid discoloration—taking days off as necessary.


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5 on 2 off

Actually, for me (and I think many others) 5 on 2 off is just out of convienience. It is hard for some people to be able to do any PE with regularity on the weekend with everyone being off work/school. In my case, it’s either a privacy issue or having constantly changing weekend plans that requires 2 consecutive days off on the weekend.

My 2¢

I hang for 8-9 days straight then lighter/nil workouts for 5-6 days. I haven’t designed this routine - it’s just the way my schedule works. After 5-6 days “off” it usually takes me at least a couple of days before my penis gets fatigued and I achieve the level of stress which I associate with potential growth. During this time my stretched and erect lengths increase, but the tissue is sore and erections can be more difficult to achieve and maintain. But I get gains. And after a few days off/lighter the soreness and erectile problems disappear. It’s treading a fine line but if you listen to your body it decreases the chances of injury. For me, the key has been sustained fatigue, then rest. My personal experience has been that potential growth occurs during the periods of sustained stress and the rest periods cement it. I’m not sure a 1 on/1 off routine would work for me. I just don’t think that it would create enough stress, without risking injury, over such a short period. Who knows, it may infact make the penis stronger and thus making it more difficult to achieve gains.

I’ve also discovered that I don’t necesarily have to hang heavy weights to make gains. For me the key has been to fully exploit the weight by hanging in the most intense positions (BTC & wrestlers) and, rather than moving up in weight, adding more sets first. Too much emphasis is placed on the amount of weight being hung (especially by newbies). The goal is fatigue, not how much weight you can hang off your penis.

It works for me, but your mileage may differ.

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This is a great thread, from a while ago as you can see rest time was a major issue than and it is now. It’s just backs up the theory that what works for one doesn’t always work for someone else.



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