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5 on, 2 off?


I didn’t read this thread before dino bumped it. thanks dino.

I don’t have any answers. I have read that muscle tissues are different and that yes you do not want to work the bicep 5 days in a row but working your abs is completely different. I have read it’s actually good to work the abs daily. It has something to do with the type of muscle tissue being worked. So the penis may very well be more like the abs.

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This question is always on my mind as well. Hmmm I started with a 2 on 1off then moved to 3 on 1off and now have switched to 5 on 2 off. So far so good it seems, with added horses and ULI’s my dick is actually feeling sore but is still very functional at the end of the day. For me if I’m not feeling a bit of soreness during those first few stretches the next day it feels like I’m not doing things right. I’m going to give 5 on 2 off a chance for a few months but also taking account that if me willy is a bit to sore he’ll get the day off. Because I know if i don’t give the captain the rest he needs he’ll just go on strike =p.

My Idea of Recovery/Growth

I think rest is important, but not as much as for muscles.

Think about it. What equals faster healing in different tissues?
Bloodflow. Muscles heal better than tendons because of better bloodflow. What gets more blood than the penis?

Especially at night. After we’ve beaten it up it gets nocturnal erections so everything is soaking in blood. We also know from a previous post that GH goes up when you get erect and GH is released at night while we sleep. So several times a night our dicks are getting filled up with growth hormone-laden blood.

Also, there’s been the odd report that people on high doses of GH have their dicks grow without any exercise. This seems to be a pretty dynamic, quickly changeable organ.

However, it is not really meant to grow so I think to make it adapt we have to send it a strong message. I think the most important part of a strong message is CONSISTENCY.

Don’t let your dick think the workout was just a weird occurence it doesn’t have to adapt to. I work it five days in a row so it “knows” that this is a lasting, more permanent condition. It should heal pretty good at night and during the day during the week and then I give it the weekend to catch up on any healing it couldn’t quite do.



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