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5 EG - Comments

I am 7.8nbp x5 , I have had more length comments for sure but I have heard it’s thick before. I think 5 g looks a bit thick at times. It’s like the begining of thickness

Nice, what is your BPEL if you don’t mind me asking? Also, how close is that to your starting stats?

Short Term Goal - 7.75 BPEL

My ex went nuts over my 5” girth, it may be more now I don’t know, but Magnums fit well so it could be more.

Since we broke up 3 weeks ago:
Girl up the street said my cock is big, and told her friends.
My friend woke me up when I slept over her house, I had morning wood, she was blushing about it all day.
Girl who took my V card 5 years ago Said its very full feeling inside her.
A guy at work who I guess watched me pee told the women it was big… Now I’m fucking one of them.
I looked down and said “Fuck, Clemski Jr. your fat!”

Sexually enlightening my generation one pussy at a time(sometimes 2 ;) ).

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Improvement, it is the goal of life's search-Carl "Reaper" Sheapards

Originally Posted by W742
Nice, what is your BPEL if you don’t mind me asking? Also, how close is that to your starting stats?

BPEL is exactly 8 , I have very little fat pad. Started at 7.4 nbp x 4.5

I started at 7.25 x 5.

When I was “Ripped,” meaning very little if any fat pad(150-155 pds at 6 ft,) I received big/nice dick comments.

I generally hover around 175-190 pds(when not running 100 miles a week and drinking ‘til my liver hurts.) I don’t think I have ever received a big dick comment at this weight. Certainly never complained, but nothing extra.

So based on this, I don’t think I’ve ever received a “big” comment on GIRTH alone. Any comment I have received was based on having a 7”+ nbp length x my 5” girth.

At 5.25” EG, I’ve always looked and felt skinny in my eyes and (large) hands. My perceptions have been ruined by porn I suppose. It’s good to hear that it’s in my head, somewhat. That doesn’t mean I’m not shooting for 6” EG though. :D

I also think we have to consider width in the equation.

I started w/ almost 2” at widest part, with little outer CS development. This may have made my dick appear thicker than it actually was(from top.)
I know there are some others on the board with same shape.

After clamping forever(it seems,) I am getting close to 5 1/2” mseg with a much thicker under belly. I can tell you that, although I have had an incredibly hard time gaining girth, even the smallest increase feels huge(to me.)


You are not skinny.
Having spent 33 years at 5”, the difference between 5” and 5.25”
is considerable. I find it hard to imagine gaining an entire inch in girth(as so many people here do.) The visual difference already(not quite 1/2”) is astounding.

When I was floating around 5” MSG, I often received comments like, “It’s so long and thick”. However, I believe the thick was just tacked on there as a consequence of the length making it seem bigger than it actually is. Comments involving length were commonplace and girth was really what got me into PE.

Only once in my life have I received a, “That’s a fat cock”. In this case though, I had been PEing for a while and the girl I was with had been with a semi-friend of mine for 3 years. This guy was well known in our circle of male friends as having an extremely long cock with no width to back it up.

Overall, you aren’t hurting with 5” EG. With your length, you have a desirable unit. You, me and 90% of the Thunder’s community may look down and think we have a skinny cock. The trick is to make sure we’re not letting our own perceptions of our bodies limit our emotional availability and our ability to act on whim and desire.

Best of luck with the girth progress, mate.

"Life's not a bitch. Life is a beautiful woman."

johnny9, I completely agree with you. I started around 4.9 MSEG and am currently hovering around 5-5.1 MSEG and even that .2 has seemed like a really big difference to me. I am shooting for around 5.75, and hopefully to make it more uniform throughout my penis rather than slowly decreasing as it goes up. That will all have to wait, though, because I’m shooting for length at the moment.

Short Term Goal - 7.75 BPEL

I’ve had the comment “its pretty thick” and I’m just over 5 MSEG, but thicker at the base, about 5.75, so maybe its from the base girth.

However, I also think the average MSEG is under 5 inches. Its my opinion (others will almost certainly disagree and vocally, so let the debates start), that most of the surveys measure girth at the thickest point of the entire penis whether that be head, mid shaft, or base.

4/2008 Bpel 6.50, Beg 5.5, Mseg 4.9

6/2008 Bpel 6.75, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

9/2008 Bpel 7.00, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

The way you guys talk of a 5” girth makes me jealous. I’m barely over 4”. :[

Edit: Whoa, I never noticed I Had my girth as 4.6” before. Could I really have shrunk that much? I didn’t PE consistently earlier this year. It might be the measuring method. Before I used to wrap a dollar bill around my penis and measure it but nowadays I wrap a tape measure around.

Starting Stats (2006): BPEL: 5.2" EG: 4.6" GOAL: 6"+/5"+

As of 7/20/08: BPEL: 5.7" EG: 4.3" Not sure what happened to my EG. Measured differently perhaps?

1/12/2010: BPEL 5.9" EG 4.4" Stretching, V-jelqs, Regular Jelqs and Clamping

How many of you guys with great than or close to 5” girth, wear trojan magnums? or just magnum condoms?

I read some threads but I just wanna get some direct feedback here. Me personally, I have never tried them on. But I always though regular condoms suffocated my dick. Like trying to try on a undersized shirt, just doesn’t fit right.

I do and get a hard on thinking about it, I think I measure wrong though because to what I have heard 5” might get me in but should not have them fitting the way they do.

Sexually enlightening my generation one pussy at a time(sometimes 2 ;) ).

Progress Log

Improvement, it is the goal of life's search-Carl "Reaper" Sheapards

Do you guys think magnums would fit someone with a 5” MSEG? I’ve always been curious as well.

Short Term Goal - 7.75 BPEL

with 7.25 x 5 eg you should have gotten some, so just fuck some more:)

Im about the same, wider in girth on the base, but not damn much more, and I’ve been getting it multiple times. Anyway, as long as you fuck them good, its all good:)

Btw, my head has always been smaller than the rest (think this occured after a damage in bed lol), but they still like it, so its not all about the head as some say.


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