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4 jelq session / day

4 jelq session / day


a guy in a french pe site have win 1 inch in 4 - 6 months (I dont’ remember if it was in 4 or 6 months).

This men practice just jelq 20 min all days in 4 four session like that :

5 min morning
5 min …
5 min …
5 min night

It’s not too much/dangerous?

Who practice many sessions every days?

What’s your opinion?

I did similar mini sessions in the beginning with the newby routine two years ago when I started. But I always had that 20-30 minute one for all warm up, stretch,kegal,jelq,warm wrap. At least 4 days per week. But I would do short sessions in the shower, fowfers while on line like I’m doing right now. Piss stretch after pissing. Perhaps it does work this way, each his own, got to do it when you can.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

ok king and how did you win witch this mini sessions?

Sounds like a great idea. It’s still only 20 minutes a day of jelqs, and most of us would do something like that much. As Kingpole says, warm up first.

Yeah warm up sure, but do you think it’s better to make many session or just 1 all days?

Hi Rocco :)

Can you post a link to this french Pe Sit please ??


Hi CaptnMonkey,

it’s in, but it’s not free, 49 euros :(

It was in the newsletter, I have delete it, but I go to asking others member :)

I’m remeber this things :

Guy was 80 years old (LOL) and he has to jelq 4 time all days 5 min per session and he gained 1 inch in a few months

Nobody practice most of 2 session/ day of pe…?

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