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3rd Time's the Charm?...I hope

3rd Time's the Charm?...I hope

Well, I’m going to do this one more time. My penis is 100% healthy again and I’m ready to start over. Since my last episode, I haven’t gotten high, and I started taking prozac ( with much success ) and turned my life around.

I’m just doing an intense stretch routine for now ( tunica attack ). I’m going to stay away from hanging for now.

The wrapping, the hanger settings are just too frustrating for me. I’m probably going to order a pump and incorporate that also. I think the initial size increase with the pump will keep me going. I’m the type that needs to see some kind of action in order to stay determined. I did get some gains from hanging last time but they vanished. SS4, again I have to thank you for being the Sultan of Septum. I’m in the same boat you were(are) and am out to stretch the shit out of it.

Anyway, to those who I haven’t met, Hello!

To those I have, how the hell are ya?

Again, glad to see all is well and you’re getting on with it again.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Just goes to show, it takes a lickin and keeps on tickin! Glad that you not only recovered, but you jumped back on the horse. Angelina looks none the worse for wear also.

Thank you very much guy’s. Glad to be back. So’s Angelina.

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