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3D printing and PE devices?


Well, apparently I don’t know how to post links to threads here yet and I missed the edit time window. The thread is titled: “3D Printing PE Advice for designing gear.” so, hopefully you can find it!

I like the current novelty in this concept. However, the actual practicality of it all is not quite realistic yet and won’t be for several years. For one, most men won’t lay out a few grand for a printer for the sake of what will basically be “tinkering” around with it. You also from what I understand need a decent (at least) working knowledge of design file software. Either know how to do the design file programming yourself, or know someone who can. Then, there’s the practicality of the printers themselves. They take several hours, if not most of the day to print a single piece of whatever it is you want to make. I’d rather invest similar time and money into finding a college student, or experienced design engineer looking to expand their portfolio, or take on a small side project for a few hundred dollars. Have them create your vision in CAD/Auto CAD/Solidworks/IGS files. Then, shop around for an injection molding company to mass produce your parts. I know a guy doing exactly this and the design engineer did exactly what he needed in the course of a few months for only $600. The injection molding start up and initial parts run of 2,000 parts is going to cost him around $2,800.

Just an idea. Seems like a much better way to approach something like this. ;)

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It was a similar story with printing on paper. First it was expensive, then it was cheap, now it’s less and less relevant.

Why basic 3D printers are crazy cheap now

Just because you can design stuff, doesn’t mean you have to. You can just download existing designs and print them.

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FYI: i just built a 3D printer from a kit for $160. The roll of PLA filament was $24. It was a weekend to build it (about 7 hours). and the forst test print blew my mind! These things have come a long way in a very short time. So, if anyone has an interest, now is a great time to try. I bought the Anet A8. Super cheap and works great. In hindsight i probably would go with the A6. It is slightly smaller (negligible) but has an scroll wheel for easier menu navigation.

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Well did any of the 3D printed PE devices work out? Just while reading the thread I came up with an idea for a fairly simple extender probably 3-4 3D printed pieces.

Anyway I was really just checking this thread to see if anything ever panned out or not and also wondering what the going price of a 3D printers were here in 2017.

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