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35 min jelqing better than 20 + 15

35 min jelqing better than 20 + 15

My routine is currently split up into two sessions. I do 20 minutes of jelqing in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon. Would it be better to concentrate the jelqing to one session at 35 minutes?
If one believes in the theory that the tissue gets fatigued after a certain amount of time, I guess 35 minutes is better.

What’s your thought on this? Do you have experience of trying both?

I know that there may be no universal answer, and what is true for one man may be false for the other. But still, it is always interesting to listen to other peoples thoughts and experiences.

For me it is mainly the boring factor that makes 20 + 15 feels easier than 35 minutes in one go. And I also try to have full intensity at my jelqing and don’t really think I can hold up the intensity much longer than 20 minutes right now. So I guess I should compare 35 minutes of decreasing intensity with 20 + 15 minutes of high intensity.



How does your unit feel after each jelq session? How does it feel after a 35 minute session as opposed to a 20 minute session?

As long as you can maintain the intensity, I’d go for the longer session. I don’t like to break up my jelqing sessions.


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For me, breaking up sessions gives me much better gains. But we’re all different. As the saying goes, “find what works best for you.”

ICM: I only tried the 20 + 15 version yet. And I do feel pumped after both sessions.



If you feel like you’ve done some work after each session, then to have two such sessions per day is probably a lot better than one session. The idea is that just as your unit is healing you encourage it to be bigger again, then it’ll carry on healing until the next session.

ICM - great avatar.

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