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3000 JelqsDay Too Much

3000 JelqsDay Too Much

I am trying to pass up my length with my girth. Right now I am jelqing around 2400 times a day, and hanging for about 2 hours. I wonder if I was to hang for only 1 hour a day and up my jelqing to 3000 would that make a difference.

Since first starting pe, I have put on almost 2 inches in BPEL and almost 1 1/4 inch in EG. I want to be known as “that fat mailman with the deodorant can for a dick”.

I bought some computer equipment and will be posting my pics hopefully tomorrow when my brother, the computer whiz, comes over.

Any suggestions on how to bet my Girth bigger than my length.


In comparance to 2400, 3000 is only 1/5th more.

I would try some new manuevers.

I suggest trying the “O-BEND” which is very similar to the sadsak slinky found in the video series. Additionally, try the uli.

One more tip for girth: I do not know how you jelq, but if you are aiming for girth, try jelqing with the pressure being applied on the top and the bottom.

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It’s hard to argue against your success, but I still say you are in the overboard zone. However, sometimes changing things up a bit is just the ticket for creating new gains. So if you are not adding any more PE time and just changing you exercise distribution, give it a shot. Looking forward to your pics.

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2400???!!! :eek:


Do you ever leave the house?

Seriously, how long does that take you?

Doesn’t it kill your shoulders?

Are those slow or fast jelqs?

Wet or dry?

Can you still get erect easily?




Dude, get a life!

No offense though! :D


“Try jelqing with the pressure being applied on the top and the bottom.”

How exactly do you do that?

Please tell me there wet and not dry because doing more than 200 drys I start getting paranoid that I’m overdoing it but 3000! Must be wet.

That’s of the same order as the number of breaths one takes a day.

Just a thought.

You must have some serious foreskin discoloration.


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