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30 day break


30 day break

So I’ve decided to leave my dick alone for 30 whole days. No P.E., no porn, no masturbation, and since I’ve got no S.O. at this time and I pretty much blew it last night (Halloween) probably no nookie either, we’ll see what happens. I think this started a week and a half ago, but I’m counting from this past Monday, the 26th of October. Anyone else ever done this? Any positive or negative results? It really stems from a bet I made on a bodybuilding forum. Maybe I’ll regret it, maybe not, what’s the worst that could happen.

Good luck. Your gonna be as horny as a two dicked rabbit in the middle of springtime

Originally Posted by djam07

Good luck. Your gonna be as horny as a two dicked rabbit in the middle of springtime

I dunno, I just turned 38, the guy I made the bet with was like ten years younger, and I figure it will be far easier on me than him.

I once planned to quite masturbation for a month. I don’t want to discourage you or any think, but I couldn’t. After just two weeks I was horny like hell, I couldn’t keep my hands away from my dick. Finally I gave up and jerk off, and it was one of the best orgasms I have ever experienced.

Good luck.

Most surely you will have wet dreams, it can be a bitch getting up at 3.00 ‘cause you just ejaculated in the bed while dreaming.

Good luck pal, anyway, how are you going to prove that you accomplished the bet? and the other part?

I also am quitting masturbation and sex for a month.

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Once I stayed like two weeks without masturbating, so in the end I discovered that I need to masturbate twice a week.

Good Luck with this month, you’ll need it

Tomorrow marks day 28. Anyone make any big gains after starting back up after a break like htis? I gained an inch in my first six weeks of PE, only 1/4” (on a good day) since then. Would love to start gaining big again.

Have you measured lately? I’d be curious if you keep your gains.

yes, gains have been cemented. Obviously nothing new while taking a break, but I’d love to see a jump like I did initially. I knew my initial gains were exceptional and would not be maintainable, but even if they had slowed to half of what they were I’d have gained another 1” in the next 12 weeks. Instead I got about 1/4” over the next 8 or 9 months, very frustrating.

I can understand no PE for a while, but..why abstinence from masturbating? Was it sex included, also?

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Well, the thirty days is over. Just some stretches yesterday and a few jelqs, and wearing my extender. Gotta start writing down how many hours a day I’m wearing the extender. Still haven’t allowed myself the joy of sexual release. Dunno how much longer I can hold out for. Seems to be getting easier as time passes though.

You are going to paint the walls and ceiling when you finally erupt lol.

Yeah you are going to end up like Randy from South Park lol.

I noticed the greatest or peak of gains in 5-7 days after no PE. Just a note…not sure if the rest of you found that too. Penis seemed more spongy and heavy.

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