Ok, about my two types of erection… I would like to know if I’m alone in that situation or if it’s a common thing.

First, about 90% erections I have are at what I consider my actual quite cemented size of 7.25” BP x 5.75” EG (midshaft). Those more ”instinctive” hard ons occurs when I’m turned on and my usual morning woodies. In that state, I’m rock hard. The other times is when I (or my lady) fool around with my unit and slowly, my unit will get really engorged with blood to a point where my girth reaches 6” but it is not rock hard. And I don’t think I’m at my maximum length. To get a 6” EG, what I do is perform a reverse kegel and hold it for about 10 seconds then do a normal quick kegel to bring in some more blood. After that I repeat this process 4-5 times, my unit get so full of blood, it’s awesome. When my girl is licking/sucking my dick, I’ll be able to stay this big but as soon as we start penetration I will downsize a bit to about 5.75”. Those are approximation because I obviously don’t measure during intercourse. Although, I have measured a few times in those 2 different states and I will vary from 5.75” to 6” EG depending on the erection level and I’m pretty confident that it has nothing to do with post workout PE.

Any thoughts out there? Thanks.