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3 months off length, trying to interpret results

3 months off length, trying to interpret results

I took just about 3 months off length to focus on girth. The good news is my length hardly budged, maybe lost 0.2, that I am sure wasn’t cemented. The bad news is I was really looking forward to seeing a girth gain. Magnums felt a little tighter, dick felt a little thicker in my hand, but I actually lost an 1/8th of an inch. However, my flaccid girth stayed the exact same at worst, and maybe increased a little.

Has anyone had this happen? The one thing I have noticed is that I have some pretty good brusing, it actually feels like a bruise on the side of my dick. Could this be bad EQ? Thanks for the replies!

Yeah I’ve never had much luck gaining girth. I’ve recently moved to a 3 on 1 off approach. For scientific reasons this is supposed to be for the best so I will see about that.

Maybe you could just try doing the exercises for longer. I’d definitely recommend clamping. Just do more sessions, wear cock rings, add pumping, do squeezes, bends and horse 440’s before you give up.

Concerning EQ if you’ve clamped aggressively it could definitely affect your EQ. Obviously if you have bruising you haven’t fully recovered either.

But yes I definitely think you should try and clamp more. I’m working my way to do. 3x10min in the AM and 3x10 in the PM which is an hour of clamped time in the day.

Thanks for the advice! My thing is that I don’t do a lot of PE by anyones standards. I go girth every other day, but that use to be ok for me. I use heat, but my penis is kind of bruised. It doesn’t seem like I should go hard until my penis heals, but I have never had much success with girth, and I am wondering if I started going to hard too early with clamping.

Not to bump my own thread, but if anyone can answer the following: Has taking a significant amount of time of girth after sort of damaging your penis allowed you to start fresh and notice better results?


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