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3 Foundations of PE


3 Foundations of PE

A few years and over 2 1/4” of gains have taught me, by trial and error, 3 foundations of pe.

FIRST of all, I believe that initial gains come from tearing, loosening and stretching the ligs. And in order to most effectively “tear at” and bring the unit forward and out, one must pull straight down. I believe this is why my v-stretch and flacid downward stretching are so effective. The suspensory ligaments attach to the underside of the pubic bone and to the top and sides of the penile shaft. A DOWNWARD PULL and not an outward pull most effectively stretches and tears at the attachment. Try this…take a piece of tape and stick it (adhesive side up) to the underside of a shelf, table, or other flat object. Pull it straight out and there will be no give BUT pull straight down and it easily gives way. So the downward flacid jelq, tug, stretch will more effectively work at loosening the ligs. A straight out flacid or erect jelq, tug, pull has very little effect on ligs..mainly on tunic.

SECONDLY, ejaculating (masturbating) is important to developing flacid girth and length. Some argue that orgasms lower T levels. I think that after puberty, testosterone has no effect on the length of the penis. But it has other important functions (libido, sperm production, muscle development, etc). When you ejaculate, your penis will slowly shrink to its shortest length. What one wants is for one’s penis to be as long and fat as possible when it is in its smallest flacid configuration. So while it is relaxed (after orgasm) it should be stretched and pumped. That is why I think pumping is beneficial to the overall routine. I realize that the fluid buildup is not permanent. That is not what I am talking about. Ejaculate, pull it, stretch it, jelq it a while, and then inflate it. Heat pump it. Stretch its relaxed size. Keep it in its longest possible configuration until, over the months, the unit reaches a new equilibrium which is much bigger than before. Heat pump it and then cool pump it to “freeze” it at a greater length. Then use constriction bands to keep it at its erect lenght for another 30 minutes. train it to hang longer.

THIRDLY, HEAT is important. The connective tissue softens when it is warm. It stretches better, lengthens and thins. I have found nothing better than heat pumping for this. Wrap an electric heating pad (from Walmart, K-mart, etc) around the cylinder and secure with 3 rubber bands. Jelq, stretch, or whatever for a while, heat pump a while to soften & stretch, the jelq or whastever. For example measured my maximum cold fsl. Then I heated it 5 min and the measured my maximum fsl. Big difference. Heat works. Heat it, stretch it, then “freeze it in place” as mentioned above.

Good pullin, MXL

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Originally Posted by MagnumXL
Heat pump it and then cool pump it to “freeze” it at a greater length.

Nice way to sum things up. I have done virtually no pumping but it interests me. It is pretty clear how one goes about “heat pumping” but what about “freeze pumping” - I am not familiar with it.
I use heat in hanging: Rice sock for the first half of a set and room temp for the second half. I agree with the thinking that using heat can benefit gains, but I have never gone so far as dropping temperature to facilitate this. What if anything do you use to cool ligs and tissue?


(incredible gains - congrats!)

Good post, I appreciate that info. I broke it down into paragraphs to make it easier to read. Sorry, I had to edit it, but I think you may be on to something and we want it as easy to understand as possible. I didn’t change anything else than putting paragraph breaks into it. I hope your cool with that.


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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Thanks Twat

I appreciate it, Twat. Looks better and is easier to read. I did this when I wrote it. But when I exported it, it became a jumble. I am obviously doing something wrong. Hook: About freezing: I sometimes wrap a gel coldpack around the tube. Have even manually stretched out my unit, placed a dry wash rag around it, and applied the gel pack to ole “Spike.” But body temp is almost 99 and the penis probably gets to 94 or so day in and day out. So it doesn’t have to be cooled very low. I think the key is keeping it stretched until it cools back to body temperature. And then keep it stretched a bit longer. Good pullin, MXL

Cooling while expanded is easy for those who waterpump. Throw a couple ice cubes in the tube and fill with cold tap water.


Good read, bub. I don’t know what the deal is with paragraph breaks vanishing. I’ve noticed that if you type something and the paste it into the message field, you have to go through and add more spaces where your breaks are, otherwise they will disappear when you send the post. However, if you type it all in the text field and then submit, all of your breaks will remain. It’s crazy. I guess vBulletin is against pasting text from other programs. ::shrug: :

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MXL, I agree with your accessment…I have always pulled stright down and always felt nothing but pure lig pull, never skin or whatever that others have written about…as far as ejaculating, I notice the more I ejac, the hornier I am, therefore the larger, more fuller I hang, around 6x5 soft…When I go days without, it seems my test goes down and my hang is smaller, around 5x5 soft…when I have sex or masterbate often, my test goes up…I’ve PE’ed after ejac and it does seem to make it hang “bigger” for a longer period of time…Also, the more you can keep your penis in a state of “fullness” or “size” the better the flacid gains are over the long run…I also have pumped with a heating pad strapped on with rubber bands…I was laughing when I read you had tried that…I thought I was the only one…I am not a big proponent of pumps, unless you have the time and privacy to do it right…the only time I ever got any gains I thought were doing any good, I had about 2 hours to do proper warmup, stretch and sloooow pump with just enough pressure to expand Thor, but no more than that…

Stretching straight down and jelqing and jelq squeezes have kept my gains solid…

I am now trying something I learned from DLD, I think…get yourself to about half hard, (don’t do when fully erect) grab your dick around the base, thumb down and squeze tight to make sure you are fully expanded…with the other hand, grab just under the head, and GENTLY bend to the left, feeling the stretch in the inside of the shaft only, kind of a burning feeling…then change hands and do the other side…then push down on the head and feel the stretch directly in the ligs and shaft on the top…

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KOG, your wife sure has a purty mouth ;) Love them lips!


Man that is some great info

Good post, MagnumXL. Thanks for the insights.

I’m not so sure about the benefit of ejaculating. Not saying anyone’s wrong, just that, as a former 3 times a day jerker, I now, at 48, feel depleted of energy and libido after whacking off, and need 3+ days to regain even a basic horniness. Some of that is no doubt due to obesity, but I’ve been varyingly overweight all my life and, in my 20’s, I could easily get up to 9x/day and just feel pleasantly relaxed.

My thinking now is that, over time, ejaculative masturbation drains the body of something—T, jing, kundalini power, who knows what—that is difficult to regain, and is therefore something to be conserved and expelled sparingly.

magnum, i am new to all of the PE stuff, and i am very interested in all of this. I am curious if you could e-mail me information about all of this, what it is exactly, technics etc…….Like i said i’m a newbie to this all but just from reading some of your post and seeing some of your gains, i would like to experience some gains like you have and it looks like you know alot about this….any information would be greatful. thanks

i would continue to read more about everything, but there are so many posts on this website……don’t have the time to read everything.

Jacking off does decrease exogeneous testosterone levels.

phil...& sshamm...hughjorgan

Jacking off decreases T for a short time after emission. However, the same research shows that in the hours that follow, it rises to a level higher than it was. Regular emissions keep the T level good and elevated. sshamm…read the routine section and view gandolf’s video instructions located on the site. Lots of good info. Pick 1 or 2 exercises and stick with it. hughj….I got a serious injury using the between the cheeks pull. Broke a major blood supply in the top of my unit near the glans. I will never, never do this again. Good pullin, MXL

You did what??? Between the cheeks is pulling back, if I’m not mistaken…I’ve only pulled directly down as you described it…the exercise I trying now is a bend, not a pull…it is the DLD bend without the roll…just a constant bend…I fell it like a mojo right in the shaft, except when I push down, then I fell it more in the ligs…

I agree totally with T levels rising by consistant ejaculating…the more I ejac, the higher I feel my T level, therefore the bigger I am all day…

Originally Posted by Philadelph
Jacking off does decrease exogeneous testosterone levels.

I can’t believe you said that today after the discussion we had the other day. Please post a link to a source that proves this.

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