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3/8in. in 40 days w/ Coach Wrap!

3/8in. in 40 days w/ Coach Wrap!


Both the current article on the availability of the hangers and my Bib yoga work have inspired me to post on “Coach Wrap,” a superior alternative to Thera Band.

I have gained 3/8 in flaccid length in the last 40 days. Before trying this, I don’t think I had gained anything in over a year! This the fastest I have grown. I am doing several tension based exercises and Coach wrap has allowed me to comfortably apply more tension than I was ever able to come close to with Thera.

I think this post belongs here because I use the hanger primarily for:
Bib Starter Yoga

I do a lot of different PE exercises and I don’t believe my length gain is only due to the yoga, but when I do it, I feel ligs I never knew I had.

I know a lot of you have hangers that don’t get used much and I think the primary reason is probably the steep learning curve associated with the standard Thera and sweatshirt material wrapping. It is both time consuming and difficult to master. I think many find themselves hanging for a few months with an uncomfortable hanger attachment. They tell themselves that they are going to stick it out but in the end opt for more comfortable and probably less productive exercises.

What is it?
It is a self-adhering elastic bandage made by Johnson and Johnson. I recommend the 2 in. wide variety. You can probably find it in most drug stores. I don’t know who discovered it, but it was not me.

With Coach wrap, you simply take a roll, start wrapping about 1/4 in below the head and spiraled down until you have wrapped with what seems to be too much for hanger attachment. Then tear off (yea, you can tear it with your hands) 2 or 3 inches at a time until you have just enough for a comfortable attachment. You may have to fiddle with the hanger adjustments a little but when you get everything right (and it doesn’t take long) you will be able to apply as much tension as you can/dare. The point of hanger attachment will no longer be the limiting factor!

Think about how long your dick could be if you were not limited by how hard/how long you can grip with your hands and/or your uncomfortable hanger attachment.

Now dust off your hanger and try some yoga and hanging with some coach wrap! It has changed my PE life.


I find the coach bandage to be abrasive on the skin, and an underwrap of a softer elastic cloth is needed. Other than that it is top notch, and works really well for traction wraps too.

I think still also likes this (or something similar) with hanging.


It’s funny you post about this. I use Ace Sport wrap also, a self adhering wrap. I have no idea how it compares to the “coach wrap” but, I like it. I posted about it in the hangers forum. I like it better than the sweatshirt/theraband combo and use it like you do ….just the Ace wrap. It sticks to skin a little but, not badly.

SS4 and SWM,
Thank you for your comments. I don’t have much skin discomfort from the Coach wrap. Maybe I am too distracted by the ligs and tunica stretching ; )

I was 90% sure it was you who discovered the self adhering elastic bandage solution. I did a search on “Coach Wrap” but didn’t see your name. I didn’t think about the fact that there might be multiple brands. Please tell how you came about using it and how you feel about it in general. Do you agree that it is pretty hard to mess up wrapping w/ self adhering bandage after a comparatively flat learning curve? After uing this stuff for hanger attachment, I am finally able to apply the forces necessary to enlarge my astoundingly stubborn penis. Actually, I think I have a bionic penis; I must apply ridiculous forces to change it. The hanger allows me to do that. The self adhering elastic bandage allows me to do that easily and comfortably.


How tight do you wrap? I generally wrap only to gather the skin, with as little tightness as possible. It seems like if one did this with the coach wrap you’d be able to leave it on in between sets and still get plenty of bloodflow to the tissues. After trying a number of different methods I’ve got a screwball technique now that is fairly comfortable, but quite a pain in the butt.

I “discovered” the Ace brand wrap…actually to EDIT the above its’ 3M brand Ace wrap sorry guys!….pretty sure that’s right…ah hell, if not, it’s the pink sticky stuff in the 2.5” width in the sporting goods department of most Wal-Mart type stores. I found it when buying my weights. I use the flat weight plates. I think the stuff is great. It’s fair priced, durable for several repeat uses, sticks to itself…so there’s no need for extra tape, ELASTIC, which makes the wrapping easier, it’s grippier and grips the inside of the hanger very well, and, one of the best things about it, it’s easy to aquire and, there’s no need to cut it for width. Unlike theraband. I love it! I will stay wrapped for the first three sets before I unwrap and take a “breather”.

Can anyone, please, get a picture of the “Coach bandage” and post it here so we could all know what it looks like… I’m very interested in it.

Well found it myself...

Here it is… looks like a roll they use in a barber shop to wrap your neck so your cut hairs do not fall behind your collar…

Attached Images
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I wrap it pretty loose, but it is hard to quantify such thins. Yes, I can leave it on between sets with no head coolness. It is great.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for discovering this.

Do you have a hanger? If so, give it a shot.

I would love to hear what other think about this stuff. I think it could revolutionize hanging!


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