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3/4" growth!!!!!!


3/4" growth!!!!!!

After 5 weeks and great girth gains, I’ve finally got 3/4 inch growth! Gone from a 6.5 to 7.25. My goal is 8. My wife say’s she can’t believe the diff. NOthing like lenth gain to motivate you to keep going!

Did you notice it was getting bigger? How long total since you started. What exercises? Good Job Man!

Congrats man! What ‘s your routine?



My routine consists of 30 minutes of stretching in 5 minute intervals, with 1 minute of shaking in between. I then do about 5 minutes of 2 handed erect length exercises (Big It’s hard to stay hard any longer than that. I’m usually left with a 50% erection, so then I do 500 reps of jelqing. However, I do most of the jelqing downward and try to stretch at the same time . I really think this helps because it’s like you are continuing the stretch and jelqing at the same time.

Had a lot of quick girth growth, but it took about 6 weeks to see the lenght growth. Hope that helps.


Could you give me an estimate of how many days on/off you do this? Also, whats the exercise yuou speak of(length) consist of? Thanks

Congrats, Bro.


right on. Good job. Keep us posted on your future developments.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I usually exercise religiously 5 times a week. This is key because the tissues have to be broken down. But they need at least 2 days to rebuild, or you won’t see as much progress. I also watch myself closely and if there are any spots or swollen blood vessels, I’ll usually take an extra day off.

The length exercise is similar to the jelq, but with a full erection.
One hand becomes a torniquet at the base of the penis and the other one milks the penis, but not as hard as jelqing. I’m convinced that the introduction of this exercise into the regimen has made the difference. It’s difficult to maintain an erection, so I usually do about 10 reps or until it goes down and try to regain erection at least 5 times. By the end of that you have your 50% erection and you’re ready for the jelqing.

I’m convinced that in order to make this work, it’s persistance and commitment. I started on Oct. 10 and I haven’t had a week where I didn’t have at least 4 workouts. cheers


You are proof positive of what I totally believe. It takes commitment and constant focus and you will see the results of a longer thicker penis. Congratulations and best wishes. I hope you get to your 8” as soon as possible. Keep me informed I am at about 7.375 fully bone pressed at this time and that last 5/8” of an inch is really tough to get to. I am going to try your regimen and see if it works.


When you took your starting erect measurment, were you BP? How much was it again? How much are you now NBP

When I started in October I was 6 1/2” fully bone pressed. I still couldn’t believe it when I measured 7 1/4”. I actually measured again the next day.

I never measured girth, but you can just tell when it’s a lot thicker. My wife said she couldn’t believe the diff in thickness.

Measurement reply

I was standing and pressed a 12” ruler against my pubic bone. The fully bone pressed erect length was 7.375”! I couldn’t believe it either. My girth is still at 6.5” in circumference. I use a string and then after I measure I lay it againts the ruler to measure the girth. Thickest at about the center of my shaft. My flaccid length is longer too. Good luck on your future gains.

uc61... etc...

careful when measuring with string for girth… coz string is thick (unless you’re using fine thread) you can get pretty innaccurate measurements… I prefer masking tape approach, because it’s thin you get an almost perfectly accurate measurement.

just a suggestion man…



Thank you!

Great suggestion. I will try that tonite for sure.

Good gains..

Hey Nigel,

Welcome aboard! Those are dam good gains for so little time. I have been a big fan of the two way length exercise since I started at BigPenis almost a year and a half ago. Keep up the good work!

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