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3/4" growth!!!!!!


Thanks for all the replies! What kind of growth have you experienced in a year and a half?


Wow! Great results. I’ve been having to take a couple of days off because the other day I put up some insulation in my house and used the Great Stuff expanding foam, which is like glue and will not come off your hands. So when I exercised with this stuff on my hands, it was like a thousand little razors & I completely ripped myself to shreds. Ouch.


How old are you if you are in your 30’s or older you fast gains are from reclaiming size that was lost from age now it’s back from having a healty penis, I’m 38 I also gained a fast .5 inches. If your gains slow down don’t get discouraged I gained my first .5 in 2 months and the other .75 in 1 year. Good luck Great gains.

Dino }:-) ~


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