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3/4" fat pad

3/4" fat pad

So I havent pe’d in almost a year because my wife got pregnant and she just had him so now that weer settled down A LITTLE BIT I decided to start it again. As of yesterday I’m 6 5/8” x 5 nbpel and 4.5x4.5 flaccid.. I’m a little insecure because I don’t feel like it’s taht big, my question now is I’m starting L-A tomorrow and I started my diet since I gained like almost 20 lbs when she was pregnant. Now if I lose my fat pad and some weight as well does that really mean I’m well over 7”?

Sorry I messed up on the title, it’s 3/4” fat pad

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Yeah, I saw the thread title and thought: “shit dude, if you can see your dick with a 34” fat pad what the hell are you doing here?”

Have you measured your bone-pressed length? If 6 5/8” is your non-bone pressed length, then you probably are a bit over 7” bone pressed. You’ll never reduce your fat pad to zero, but you will gain some visible non-bone pressed length if you lose some weight.

Hey. Post 3,000.

You will never know until you loose the weight, good luck!

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