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2007 PE Resolution


To finish my short term goal of 8”x 6” this year. ;)

Starting Stats 7/15/05 -- Flaccid L 3.375"x Flaccid G 2.125", BPEL 5.250" x EG 3.750"

Stats as of 11/17/07-- Flaccid L 6.000"x Flaccid G 5.6875", BPEL 8.000" x EG 6.125"

Long Term Goal: BPEL 9.000"x EG 6.500" Dusty

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Your keyboard broken Shaggy?

Oddly enough, yes… Sometimes.

For some reason the shift setting can go wonky after a while. So I either have to type in caps or lower-case. It can also screw with my punctuation to the point where it’s less understandable with punctuation than without. I can fix it by restarting the computer, but if I’m in to doing something I’ll wait and just make do.

Is that what you meant?

Measurements as of June 29, 2005 eg: 6 inch bpel: 7.2 inch nbpel: 6.3 inch My Goal eg: 7 inch bpel: 8.9 inch nbpel: 8 inch Have A Nice Day! :)

To get started yet again.

Grow yourself a whopper, then tell her to fuck off.

8” X 6.75” by the end of 2007. That would be a gain of 0.75” L X 0.5” G.

To hit my first goal of 7”x5.75”

Just a word from your friendly neighborhood Luo

7.5” NBP and a more consistent girth all along the shaft, being about 6.2”

I’m going to be modest and work for another 1/2 inch in length and another inch in girth. I’ll settle for whatever I can get though.

Got to go now, time to hang and clamp before heading out to the gym.


-------Starting Januari 1 2006 ---BPEL: 5.86" (14.9cm)---- ----EG: 5.9" (15cm)---- ------(( Goal ))------ BPEL: 7" (17.78cm)---- EG: 6.5" (16.5cm)----

Long term goal is to work towards 30ci in volume. I’d like to get to 8.5 NBPEL and have a Base EG of 7”, Mid-shaft EG of 6.5” and 6” or over under my glans. So a slight cone-effect. These measurements would still give me 28ci if the girth is averaged out (to 6.5”). So I guess I need to make a average of 6.75” to make the 30ci mark.

Just took a 7” base girth measurement :o but I will wait for another day before I claim this, and even then it may still be a temp gain. Although I havent done any exercise today, I feel like I need to wait and see.
Mid Shaft is at 6” now but under glans is still like 5.6-5.75 :(

I normally do not take into pursuing new year resolutions however seeing that PE ‘s goals can be quantified and over a period of time I hope that next time next year.My goals are modest but realistic and I hope to be looking at 7.75” EL and 5.75 EG any extra gained along the way will be welcomed,regardless of what happen any gains made is a definite gain.I think that I can introduce some consistency which will aid in the pursuit of that which is desired. * Oh yes and somehow sort out this bloody delayed ejaculation challenge I have.

05/12/2005 : BPEL: 6.1"x EG:5.5" Current as of : 24/12/2011 : BPEL 7.87" x EG: 6.3" Long term Goal 8.5"x 6.4"

" There is only one option success; for failure is the refusal to persist"

I feel my girth is fine. I would like to attain 7.5 inches BP! :)

I would like one inch in length by December 31st 2007. I need to lose some weight (body fat) and decrease the fat pad. Want a better flaccid, and no more damn turtling. So far it’s been a mild winter and my dick is still turtles!

BPEL - 5.75 inches

BPFSL - 6.25 inches

7.5” x 6.5” on December 31, 2007 perhaps?

I’m 6.75” x 6” right now and I don’t gain too fast, so I set a reasonable goal :)

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

8x6 is my goal


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