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2004 penis size study

2004 penis size study

Hi guys,

haven’t been here for a long time. Just found the following ‘new’ article about penis size and thought that it might be of interest:…df/3901272a.pdf

Would be nice to collect links or articles about interesting topics and create kind of a library.


after 14 months of PE:
am not sure were I started but the gains are clearly visible. starting at approximately 6’ bpel now 7’.
girth: started at 4.5’ now 5.25’.
Am not a fast gainer - but I am gaining - and I love it!

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I kind of question this study from this point of view:

There is no correlation that I know of between penis size and the frequency of erectile dysfunction. ED is an equal-opportunity disease with many, many causes. Further, if one has ED and uses a vasodilator drug, erection size does not diminish _unless_ there has been a significant period of no erections occuring.

It did make sense that they used Trimix to induce erections in both the normal and ED groups before they did their measurements. As nearly everyone who has used Trimix knows, the glans does not inflate quite to the degree that it does during a regular erection or one provoked by Viagra or Cialis, to use two drug examples. If glans size is normally large for a study subject, length numbers would be somewhat reduced during the study measurements.

All these studies are interesting, though, and thanks for posting this one.

I wonder if it will carry more weight in some quarters because of the general belief that middle-easterners invented jelking?



I question the the study because the average sizes they report seem unreasonably small. It reports that in the control group (nondysfunctional), with a sample size of 271, the mean(FL)=9.3 cm (sd=1.9), mean(FSL)=13.5 cm (sd=2.3), mean(FG)=8.98 cm (sd=1.4).

in English, that’s mean(FL)=3.66” (sd=0.75”), mean(FSL)=5.31” (sd=0.91”), mean(FG)=3.54” (sd=0.55”)

And the dysfunctional group had even smaller measurements.

Thank you…:)

I posted a brief review of the penis size literature a while ago.

There is a site called where under “penis” you can pop in yr current length and see what % of the population is shorter than you! Great fun. Don’t know what the background statistics are though

Seems that the original study page is down - perhaps this is the “slashdot effect”, named for a geek news site ( that has such a massive membership that any links posted to it typically become inactive within the day because of server overload!

Though I guess in Thunders’ case, we just have too many massive members ;)

Is the link dead?

I heard on the radio about two days ago that they did a study in England and the average size came to be between mid 7s and low 8s. This was from a local radio show reporting on the news. They went on about it for a couple of minutes to talk about how ‘depressing’ it was, and that they probably just want us to think they have big ones in England. :)

Why don’t they ask British women what the average size is.

It’s really funny how when men measure themselvs they get averages at like 6.5+ then it turns out the average is like 5.3-5.8.

The best study I have seen is Durex condom’s, done by medical people because they needed REAL stats, and the average length was 5.8, circumf. was just under 5.

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

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