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20 y/o w/ weak erections

20 y/o w/ weak erections

Basically, my erections seem to be very weak. But from what I rememeber they have always been like this. For example, when lieing on my back, my erection is not strong enough to lift my penis off my stomach. I might be able to lift it off temporarily if I kegel hard and I’m particularly horny, but naturally it will just lie there. Is this normal? It doesn’t seem to be quite as bad whilst standing or sitting.

Please help!

Looking at your erection when you’re lying on your back is not a good indicator, if your erection is upper than the horizontal when you’re standing , i think that it’s allright

If your erections are “unbendable” - that is, firm enough for penetration, you have no worries.

It’s a very common and little-researched phenomenon that some men find major differences in erection quality dependant on position. Some find erections stongest standing up, others when they’re prone, still others when sitting. Interestingly, most men find their weakest position to be when they are flat on their backs.

Since there seems to be no changing your own particular patterns, maybe go with the flow and when you have sex (in any of the seemingly jillions of postions and variations) choose those that keep you the hardest for the longest.



You may want to consider reading up on L-Arginine. This is a supplement that has numerous health benefits (do a search in yahoo/google) as well as sexual benefits, such as hard erections, increased ejaculate volume, etc…However, it is a growth hormone and it is not recommended to individuals who’s bones continue to grow. Chances are the dosage you would need to take for it to have any affect on your bodily growth are much much greater than what you would be ingesting (500mg to 1g, for example). I would consult your physician prior to taking this just to be sure.

This may help and it may not. This is ONLY my opinion. You can do a search on this forum for ‘Arginine’ and you should find some interesting posts.

Good luck!

When I’m lying flat on my back my erections tend to subside quicker and seem a bit smaller/softer. However I have definately noticed a difference in this department because of PE. I can’t tell whether things are actually much bigger in that position, but they are definately firmer.

Are you doing any exercises? If so what kinds?

Cheers for the great responses guys.

Well, to cut a long story short, I’ve been aware of PE for - I guess - three years now. Within that time I have tried many things, but with little luck. I think this is as much down to the fact that I am a hard gainer, as the fact that I have also been inconsistent with my efforts.

At the moment - after a brief spell of hanging (to no avail) - I am experimenting with the power-jelq. I think I have already experienced a minor girth gain of .25” at the base - although that may have been due to the hanging.

My erections seem ok whilst seated, or standing, but are pretty diabolical whilst lying down. I generally encounter problems while wanking in this position, and have to hold my cock such that my third finger presses the front, and enables me to keep a hard on (by stopping blood flowing back). By doing this it stays rock hard, though.

Perhaps I’m worrying about nothing. Any thoughts on routine, or erection difficulties will be more than welcome.

By the way, my stats are 6 * 4.75 (at the base). Looking for both girth and length, but would really like to see myself break the 6” barrier.

Good_knight, if they have always have been like this then i have a few questions for you to ask yourself (not expecting you to answer )

How is your health

How are your stress level

Are you active

are you fit

Do you do Kegals

Do you excessively masturbate and then expect a strong erection

Also i must add that just because you cant lift your dick off your stomach doesnt mean you have week erections, think about the guys that have no knowledge of the PC muscle they wouldnt be able to do it but they could have erections as strong as nails so dont use that as as indication of a strong erection or not.

Thanks for the response jelqking.

“How is your health?”

I would say I’m an averagely fit person. Used to go the gym regularly, but never really did cardiovascular training, just weights. I weigh 200 pounds and I’m 6 foot, which is quite heavy, but I’m fairly well muscular even after leaving the gym for so long (well about 6 months). As for my fitness I can’t imagine it being that great, I smoke irregularly and drink quite a lot - and used to experiment with drugs.

“How are your stress levels?”

I am studying one of the hardest degrees in the world - so my stress levels are usually quite high. But on the other hand, I’m quite a chilled out bloke and I’m generally not phased by the level of stress I face.

“Are you active?”

I presume you mean “sexually active”. Not really. I’ve pretty much been put off sex until I increase my size to something a little more impressive.

“Are you fit?”

See above.

“Do you do Kegels?”

I do Kegels throughout the day, but not with any particular consistency. I also generally only perform one second Kegels, which I believe probably are less effective than five second Kegels in improving erection quality.

“Do you excessively masturbate?”

My sex drive is at an all time low, and I’m not entirely sure why (it seems to have been declining for some time). I know it is partly because I am on a course of SSRIs, but this is on a very low dosage - and my sex drive seemed at an ebb beforehand anyway. I probably masturbate once every two or three days, which does not seem like much at all, considering that I used to have to have at least one per day just over a couple of years ago.

I would like to get my testosterone levels rechecked because last time I did, although they weren’t in the low-normal range, they were hardly in the high-normal range either. And given the fact that testosterone levels vary so greatly, it may well be possible that on that particular day it was at the top of its oscillation.

Any thoughts jelqking would be great. Cheers.

jelqking… just wondering what you think of my responses. Cheers in advance man.

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