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20 lbs and 2"

20 lbs and 2"

Hi all, I am new to this site, but have been doing PE on and off for about a year, seeing some small gains (1/8”) but never really dedicated myself to it like I should. Well, now that I am done with college I have two goals, lose 20 lbs (try and get back down to my high school weight, about 190) and see if I can gain 2”. I am currently pretty small (4.75” Erect, 3.9” girth) and hope with a lot of hard work, I can reach my goal of 6.5-7” over an extended period of time. I have been reading up on these forum(which by the way Thunder, is Freaking AWSOME!!) and am going to start going at it full force. Because of my work schedule, and privacy issues (living with the folks while I save for a house, hopefully for not much longer though) getting my workouts in will be a little tough at first here, but I am determined to get at it. I am planning on doing a 30-45 minute jelqing/streching sesion 6 times a week, hanging using my handmade hanger(compliments of this forum) about 8-10 hours a wk starting at a VERY light weight and working up from there, in additon to wearing a streatcher during the course of the day (again, home made thanks to lil12big1’s awsome tutorial video) I am confident that I can make some gains, and am glad that this board exists where people can come and help eah other out. Thanks again for all the advice everyone has given, and if anyone has any advice/reccomendations they would be appreciated. Thunder, You the man, plan on a donation very soon here!

as for starting out at low lbs. you should read some post first I think if your going to hang then you should start out as high as possible 10lbs should be no problem if not 15 or 20

10lbs would have de-skinned my dick to start with. Be very careful!! Whether lifting weights or hanging weights start out slow and cautious. This will allow you to learn the body mechanics and your own limitations. If you go overboard and injure yourself you wont be doing anything for a while. It is even possible to do a permanent injury if you go gonnzo to start with.

Walk before you run, etc, etc. Hell, if your unit shrugs off a 5 pounder knock it up to 7.5 the next day. I started at 2.5 and was up to 7.5 in about a week.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I wasn’t saying take 20lbs and drop the weight from the end of your dick, all I was saying was use the most amount of weight you can tolerate the first time.

And the fraise is crawl before you walk, not walk before you run, and I allways thaought that was short sighted and for weak of heart.

Happy Stretching

I have taught a number of risky physical skills over the years. The absolute number one way guys get bad injuries starting out at them is trying to do to much to fast. Just my opinion, no interest in getting into a pissing match.


Running a Massive Co-Front.

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