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2 weeks using the Penimaster...

2 weeks using the Penimaster...

Hey guys,

I’ve been using the PENIMASTER for two weeks today and I think it’s a great device. I wear it about 7 to 10 hours a day with a 10 minutes break every 3 hours. I still haven’t notice any increase in size, I plan on measuring only after a full month, I should then have achieved at least 210 hours with the device on. I read that I could expect to gain an inch of lenght every 1000 hours or so. Given that average, I should, by the end of the year, reach a bit more than my goal in lenght.

As for girth, I pump at least 15 minutes @ 5 Hg 5 days on/2 days off. I think it should help me grow lenght too, helping new cells to pack up more blood and maybe grow better.

Is anyone using the Penimaster/Pump combination too? I’d like to hear from you guys, any advice or comment?

As always, thank you,


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Hi Jack

It’s an amazing idea that you can spend 10+ hours a day on PE. Good luck, and I am looking forward to your monthly results. At present I am doing manual stretching and jelqs most days, and pumping a couple of times a week. I am interested in getting some kind of all day device.

I doubt that you can take the “thousand hours an inch” equation too literally. Reports on this site suggest you can get some early gains fairly easily, then have to work harder, and work through occasional plateaus. Maybe you have already had your early gains, and maybe the thousand hours takes all that into account. I am just querying the straight line correlation, but actually it would be fantastic if it holds.



I have used andropenis for 6 months now and I don’t see any progress..
I know 2 people who have assured me that it does work, but still.

Anyone else by who it works?

I have one but have problems with it.

I’m uncut so at certain tightness my skin slided forward after about 20 mins and I have to put it back on, and if I try tightening it so it won’t slip out I get numbness which I shouldn’t be.

I’d like to see how people with forskin sort this prob out…Perhaps a sort of wrap?

I’m getting into hanging soon anyway but would still like to sort it out.

I gained my first inch or so with the Euroextender.

Monkeybar products

Hi guys,

I got my Andro ADS last year and regret buying this product as I found out a much better product produced by a fellow PE (monkeybar). I am going to purchase the head part to replace the old one as it kills the glans.

Check out

Good luck!!


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Hey Jackdaniel,

Its been over a month now. Did you gain anything?

I too have a PM and have been using it for a week. Not going to measure until a month. They sure are easy to wear. Will post updates.

Anyone else using a PM?

Jack: I see that you pump. I do too and after over a year, I can see no appreciable girth or length gains that I can attribute to pumping. The time that I spend in the pump is about like yours.I dont believe I spend enough time in the tube daily. Stretching is another story however for length. I have gained a half inch in length stretching over a six month period. This morning I read a thread by a veteran pumper and p er, Peforeal. So a search on him and his MARATHON PUMPING ROUTINE (emphasis added). I feel that what he says in that thread is responsible for his massive gains pumping. I certainly intend to try his routine on a day when my wife and kids clear out of the house. What he says is amazing and we as pumpers need to revisit that thread in my opinion from time to time. Good luck, man.


Keep it up and get about 40 hours of wear time. Once your penis becomes used to the unit, try inceasing the tension gradually. Once you get to the point where you are stretching well past your EL and are stretching at max tension, you will see gains. I am currently only wearing hte device only 2-4 hours a day, but at max tension, to the point the screws won’t turn any more. I have seen length and girth gains in only a few months of wear.

bistandklient, it does cut off the circulation temporarily, but does not kill it. No more so than clamping. That is not good information to pass on.

As always, thank you,

Originally Posted by jackdaniel
Is anyone using the Penimaster/Pump combination too? I’d like to hear from you guys, any advice or comment?

SuperSizeit used that combo for some incredible gains:

supersizeit - Penimaster Math


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