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2 weeks tops

2 weeks tops

Hey i’m very interested in PE but with my schedule which isn’t even a set one it just things come up and i can’t PE for a while. The longest i’ve ever been able to stay with a routine is 2 weeks. Then something would come up some kind of competision and i wouldn’t PE and then i would do it for a couple days after and so on and so forth and i get out of rhythem. Then its like a month later and i start up again. I know this works i’ve made minor gains throw what i have done and know if i could keep a routine for longer i would finally get the gains i want. I guess what i’m trying to ask is how do you guys go day in day out fitting this around your schedule and if you do slip up whats a good way to be motivated enough to pick it right back up the next day?

Is there certain times of the day? etc.

thanks much



A journey on foot of a thousand miles starts with one small step

No PE, no BD (Big Dick)


The motivation for me was and is simple: if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen, i.e. no PE, no BD (Big Dick). Once you get the first initial experience with “gains”, you should become hooked. With only two weeks at it and with inconsistency, you still haven’t tasted the sweet smell of success. When you think about how much time we can waste watching TV or just goofing off, planning in at least 30 minutes a day around PE is not difficult. Even if you have to split the 30 minutes into 6 5-minute segments or get up 30 minutes earlier or go to sleep 30 minutes later, you can still make progress.

Decide on a basic routine and commit for at least a month, come hell or high water. Then measure and evaluate. Once you see that additional 1/4 inch or more on the ruler, you will have all the motivation that you need. Good luck.


I agree with peforeal, I do 5 on 2 off jelq with strecthing in between, with good results.

Hey peforeal, you from Hawaii, what island?


Do a search using the word “stealth” here. We have a lot of members who have to do PE on the sly, usually for privacy reasons or because of decisions they’ve made to keep this activity a secret.

They have developed all sorts of techniques for slipping their exercises into sometimes surprising slots during their days and evenings. If they can find the time, you can. Go for it. Regularly. Even if your sessions need to be short in duration.




I’m from the beautiful island of Oahu, traffic and all.


I used to have the same problems. But I just killed all my roomates O:-) Just kidding don’t do that. I solved it by stretching while on the toilet (you’ll be suprised how much time you actually spend on there. Even if you don’t take long, precious minutes add up) and jelqing while in the shower.

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

sounds pretty motivating peforeal

If your PE session was really hitting some fine huny I guaranty you would find the time.

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It may just be my bladder, but I go to the john about 10-12 times a day. Every time I go, either at the “job” or at home, I squeeze in time to do some PE, stretches, blasters and S’s. While sitting at the computer I manage a couple of Lazy Ass Stretchers. Commitment creates time, and IMHO once you see some fruit on your tree you will get the commitment and find the time. It’s well worth it.

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thanks guys that really helps.

I will stick with it for a straight month rain or shine and then i’ll hopefully keep going

thanks again


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