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2 questions

2 questions

1) For the guys who weight train, in your experience, is it better to do jelqing before training, or after? I am not sure because on one hand if you jelqed and then trained, perhaps the blood would not stay in your dick afterwards so well because the muscles needed it, and I always notice my dick shrinks just a bit after training. But on the other hand, perhaps training first would sap all your energy and you would find it harder to get as much of a pumped dick after jelqing.

2)Exactly how much is masterbating going to effect my gains if I don’t ejaculate but have a dry orgasm instead? I notice my dick’s flacid size go down after I masterbate, and it takes away some of that afterhang you get from jelqing. How much is masterbating effecting gains would you say? Do people makes their best gains if they never have sex or masterbate?

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I don’t know about masturbation’s effect on growth. I do not think that it has any adverse effect on growth, maybe only when you ejaculate right after a session. Some people have even suggested a hypothesis that the people who had bigger starting measurements may have unconsciously be doing PE exercises while masturbating.

As far as sex goes, I know that a lot of people here are married and have seen gains. Also, from personal experience I can say, that before I knew of PE and in my younger days, my penis grew (mostly in thickness) once I started having regular sex (yes, this was way beyond puberty or growing years). Therefore, at least from my experience, sex has helped me get bigger.

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From my personal experiences:

1. I have worked out at the gym and lifted weights throughout my entire life of PE’ing. I lifted before doing PE routines and after. My gains were consistent throughout this time either way. For many guys, often their dick may temporarily shrink while exercising due to the redirection of bloodflow. But this is not permanent. Once the workout is over, my dick can be back to normal in a few minutes with a small amount of dryjelqing.

2. There are different views of thought on masturbating. My personal view is to go ahead and ejaculate when you need to. We’re all human and need the release. Jacking off has never affected my ability to make steady gains in both length and girth. Sometimes you may feel that ejaculating is slowing your progress because of the temporary decrease in flaccid size after. But this is normal dick response, whether or not you were PE’ing. So go ahead and do what you need to do when you need to do it, and that means solo masturbation or sex with your partner.

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