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2 day programm


2 day programm

For WAY to long, I am not able to break my plateau. Now I’m back from my 3 months break and follow another routine, which I call “the rest routine”.

I give my dick a hard workout, but only 2 times a week. And only girth focusing exercises.

- 10 min. hotwrap
- 15 minutes (intensive) wet jelq
- 10 min. hotwrap
- 2 x 5 min (intensive) head squeezes

I have a sense of feeling that we give our dicks to little time to heal. Peter Dick told us what breaks did for him in terms of gains. Why not implement continuous little breaks into our routines?

If I don’t gain after 3 months, I then train only 1 time a week and follow that routine for another 3 months.

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Have you tried a decon break of 2 months?

last one was 3 months, but in the last 5 years I surely have had a break of 2 months….

GOAL for December 2007: 8 X Red Bull

GOAL for December 2025: 14 X 10

So you just came from a 3 month rest period and you are starting this routine?


GOAL for December 2007: 8 X Red Bull

GOAL for December 2025: 14 X 10

Nice! Bet you will see good gains from that routine! Good luck!

30 minutes jelqing a week? I call no gains.

Let`s make a bet Klayton. I bet you $50 that vanloon will gain girth in just 1month with that exact routine. Just for fun! We can make it less if you want to?

vanloon, when you do that head squeeze exercise, do you focus on just the penis head, or do you squeeze a little further down so the CC-chambers also expand? This could make the exercise more effective. Just a thought. I have not tested this my self.

For head squeezes check: Extreme clamping

We often make parallels with bodybuilding, even though a penis is not a muscle. Then 30 minutes jelqing a week looks way to little.
But we forget that there are MANY bodybuilding muscles in our body, but only 1 penis.

If you follow a proper bodybuilding routine, you separate the body into different arias. So on day 1 for example, you train ONLY the chest and triceps. The next time you train them is 4, 5, 6 or a week later!

Every bodybuilder knows that you must prevent exercising a particular muscle day after day. Why is it with our penis such a different story
(Even though it’s not a muscle)?

GOAL for December 2007: 8 X Red Bull

GOAL for December 2025: 14 X 10

Would it be effective if you were to do a marathon PE for one day, for example you did about 100 jelqs every hour for say 6 hours, with different jelqing exercises done every hour?

babbis - no thanks; maybe he will have improved circulation and 5mm of increased measured length. But it’s nearly impossible to objectively say he will have gained or not. I WANT the less is more approach to be valid (don’t we all?!), but just anecdotally and intuitively it’s my opinion it cant (to this extent anyway).

Wouldn’t just being really half-assed and lazy simulate this approach? And do that group appear to be big gainers? Most big gainers seem to have fairly intense and CONSISTENT routines, thus that’s my approach.

I do however think there is some merit to your newbie routine (for absolute newbies), and Xeno’s ideas as well. It’s just 30 mins a week seems like wishful thinking - let’s hope it isn’t.

30 mins is not all. Don’t forget the head squeezes. After the session, my penis is way more exhausted compared with the time when I didn’t used the head squeezes.

I will report about the progress.

GOAL for December 2007: 8 X Red Bull

GOAL for December 2025: 14 X 10

Hey everyone,

I’ve been doing 1 on/1 off and the weekend off for the last 3-4 weeks and I have only been doing wet jelqing for 30-45mins a session sometimes maybe an hour and I have seen some length gain just in those 3 weeks. During my short PE career of 3 months, I noticed that my gains usually came after a few days off because of time constraints or privacy etc.

I experience “tired” penis days sometimes when I did a lot of consecutive days of PE that effected my performance during sex. I always found that I had good sex days after a day break or more. So from this I decided to spread my work out more to give my penis rest days every other day. So far I’ve had a better flaccid hang and definite length gains of at least 1/4”. I’ve gained base girth since the start and maybe a slight midshaft girth gain as well, but right now I’ve decided to try to gain length first and concentrate on girth later.

Another thing is that I changed the way I jelq. I used to do 1-3 second jelqs but for the last month I have done very slow jelqs of 5-10 secs. Personally, I feel the effects more during the slow jelq. I’ve only been jelqing because I figured I should concentrate on one exercise to get it right and get the benefits from it and then to change to another exercise or incorporate another into my routine to mix things up.

I definitely think that rest days and a mixture of exercises are important as babbis, peterdick and others suggest. I’m going to start up with manual stretching with maybe some light jelqing this week to see if I notice any effects of “specializing” in one certain exercise for a short amount of time so I don’t tire out the little guy.

So far less is more in my routines and that’s not a problem for me.

Good gaining everyone.

Best Regards,



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