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1st time poster


1st time poster

Hey everyone,

I’m a 19 year old male and have been reading about PE on various forums for around 5 months or so.I’m thinking about giving it a try,but I’m not sure if I should or not with myself being so young and probably not quite done growing just yet.I currently measure a little over 5 inches epbl (3 inches while flaccid) and just about 5 inches girth.I’ve been doing a lot of stretching when I go to the bathroom and I must admit I have noticed a little difference in the hang of my penis in the flaccid state.I don’t have a lot of time to do hanging,so I was thinking about doing jelqing,uli’s and some squeezes.I’m also open to some suggestions,thats if I should do PE right now or not.Take care guys.

Go For it. You are at a good age to start. Just read and re read and re read the posts from the guys who have been doing this for years. They are the experts here. Remember one thing, the gains are not going to happen over night, they take time. Be patient and keep exercising and they will come.

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Thanks,I’ll do just that.

Now,does anyone have any suggestions on how I should start out? routine wise.Or,should I just probably read the routines forum?

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I would suggest that you go read the routines. And then ask questions if you have any.

I can tell you that the hot wrap is very important and should be included every time you exercise.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Thanks again.

My Goals: 7" x 6 " enbpl

Re: 1st time poster

Originally posted by Igotasmallpenis
I’m a 19 year old male and have been reading about PE on various forums for around 5 months or so.I’m thinking about giving it a try

You’re thinking about giving it a try but you’ve been stretching (as I would expect). What are you considering giving a try? I’m confused.

I dont really do the stretches everytime I go to the bathroom,just every so often.I was thinking about doing the jelqing,uli’s,etc …sorry If I confused you.

My Goals: 7" x 6 " enbpl

IMHO… It might just be easier for you than us old farts, you are still growing

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I sure hope so,my self-confidence would sky rocket if I had a bigger penis.Then again probably every guy’s would too.

My Goals: 7" x 6 " enbpl

Name change something like “Goingforsix”.

A little more positive! :blue:


A word change would work….I I had.

Best of luck and we will be watching for your results.

I’m just sad that I didn’t know about PE when I was nineteen.

Great contraptions these computers.

Come to think of it, I don’t think Bill Gates was even born yet when I was nineteen…….


How would I go about changing my user name? Thanks.



Thanks for wishing me luck,I will keep everyone updated as time goes by.I wish I had a digital camera so I could post my starting pics and then later on when I hopefully reach or come close to my goal I could take pics again ,but unfortunately I don’t : (

p.s. check out my routine on the routine board and tell me what you guys think.

My Goals: 7" x 6 " enbpl

Just let me know what you want your new username to be and I’ll change it. Your routine looks a little too aggressive to start out with. Do about half that many exercises for the first two months, then kick it up gradually.

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You don’t need a digital camera to post pics. Use a regular camera and film and take your pic. Then when you get the role developed just have the photos put on disk. When you get it back, install the program (it’s already on the photo disk so you don’t have to buy anything extra) then you can dink around with it ro figure out how to save the photos to your computer. It works like a charm.

If you’re worried about developing pictures of your penis, my advice would be don’t worry. Believe me, most developers have seen A LOT of naked people pictures come through. You could even use a fake name on the order form if you wanted to.



I like Guiri’s suggestion,but maybe add nhalf to it.Would that be too long? If so then I’d go with goingforsix.And thanks I’ll take your advice on the routine.How’s this…10 minute hot wrap,streches and jelq for 10-15 minutes? Is that still too aggressive?


I have the money to buy a digital camera (just got my tax check)but I also want to get a new pair of waders.I’m an avid fisherman,so I’m kinda in between.If I do decide to get the camera I was thinking about buying the HP Photosmart 318,I’ve read a lot of good things about that camera.

My Goals: 7" x 6 " enbpl

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