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Hey Goingforsix,

That routine sounds a lot better for a beginner. I bought my sister a Fujitsu for under 300.00 for Christmas this year. It is twice the camera my 1,100.00 Nikon is unless I was a pro or something. It is extremely user friendly also. You need a fucking engineering degree to work the Nikon. Stay on the cheap side and you may have enough for the waders and a camera to use when you catch that big one. When you decide which one you want, use one of the online “best price” engines to find the best deal.

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I like the name change!


The Olympus 340 and all of the cameras in that “line” are wonderful cameras. They’re basic but they take really fine pictures. If you can find an old Olympus 340R on ebay, you can probably pick it up for under 80 bucks or so and as long as it works, you’ll be very very happy with it.

I bought a fancy new one for 500 bucks and the old Oly still takes better pics. Bleh.

thanks guys,I’ll look around.

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I know I am late in my reply

but if you feel you will feel better selfconsciously, then go for it. There is nothing better than feeling better about yourself. And as long as you are not totally happy about yourself (and since your penis is a part of you and not a separate entity, being disappointed in some physical or mental part of who you are regardless of what part it is, makes a person feel bad) giving it a try won’t kill ya.

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