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1inch help your game with women


I don’t do PE for women, I do it so I don’t get bored wanking off the same old dick.

Right now I can stroke 3/4 of an inch more penis than there was before!

Get in where ya fit in.

I did gain a bit over the last few years.. I’m presently 8 inches NBP long by 6 in girth. When I was 18 I was 6.8 inches long but I wasn’t done growing naturally. I stopped at 7.5 and the rest came from PE. I just resumed my PE… but concerning the topic I have to admit, I do feel extremely confident because of my penis.

I know, it’s just there, but I feel like I have a present , a surprise, for them, you know? I suppose some of the smallest guys might feel like a fraud because when things get where they are working for them to be, they have to deal with pulling down their pants. In other words, as the night progresses so does their insecurity and fear, but I’m the exact opposite, thank God. As things move forward all I can think of is “wait till she sees what I got in my pants” and as soon as her hand goes over my dick I’m already sporting a laid back smile for when she looks into my face.

I say this because when I was a kid I was a poor kid in a rich kid school and when I hung out with girls I’d feel dread all night long because I knew their parents would drop me off in my shitty apartment in a poor side of town and they would all see who I was. I’d have cold sweat pouring from my forehead and I felt like I was going to throw up and I could never enjoy hanging out.

It really is a good feeling, this feeling of having only great things remaining to be seen about you, you know?


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