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16 minutes to a Great Stretch

16 minutes to a Great Stretch

I recommend this right before bed:

  1. Do 2 sets of 2-minute hot wraps – as hot as you can stand it without burning yourself.
  2. While still totally flaccid, do 4 sets of 2-minute bundled stretches at 12:00 angle. You really need to be very flaccid to do these effectively. And, as you’re bundling your unit, you don’t want to pull with maximal force. Besides, as you will be doing 2-minute sets, you’ll have to pace yourself anyway. You want to alternate your hands, as well as the direction of torsion, between each set. [8 minutes]
  3. Immediately following that, clench the very base of your unit with an underhand “OK” grip and proceed to vigorously whip your unit up and down – or twirl it like a helicopter, depending on your dexterity. Do this very rapidly and for 15 seconds (protect your nads, of course). Alternate your hands again between sets, doing a total of 4 sets. [1 minute]
  4. Immediately do to V-Stretch. Grip near glans, and place thumb about an inch or so above your base, and pull upward very vigorously for 60 seconds. Do a total of 4 sets of these, alternating hands between sets. [4 minutes]
  5. Then, again gripping near glans with an underhand grip, push your unit away from you’re your body, and downwards at a 7-7:30 angle. Do 2 sets of 90 seconds, very vigorously – this hits both tunica & ligs. [3 minutes]
That’s 16 minutes of actual workout time, plus the hot wraps. And the cleanup – talcum powder – is minimal. The grand total time for this workout should definitely be under 25 minutes, and is perfect before bed – regardless of what PE you did during the day. I would recommend you follow this up with Big Girtha’s nightly fowfer tuck between the cheeks, when you hit the sack.

Done nightly, this would give you nearly 2 extra hours of traction time per week, directly followed by the overnight fowfers. You can even add an extra minute or two of V-Stretches or the low angle stretch at the end of the session. But don’t neglect the hot wraps – or the whipping exercise, which really helps to loosen things up for a better stretch session. When I do this, I can often achieve a ½ inch boost on my max BPFSL right afterwards.

P.S., If you’re really having problems gaining length, you might want to incorporate another 4-6 minutes of dual fulcrum stretch – preferably right after the V Stretches. My fulcrum of choice is a bamboo pole – its smooth, extremely strong, and the diameter is not too thick, which gives a better angle of bend around the pole.

Do this in addition to your regular PE – 7 nights per week. But don’t also do any type of impaction exercise with this nightly session (i.e., jelqs, squeezes, ulis, clamping, etc.) – just the traction work.


Did not follow your routine entirely, but I did do some of those bundle stretches and man were they strong. You get a much better lig pull without the feeling that the head of your dick is going to come off. Great thread. I do like to do Big Girtha’s nightly fowfer tuck. Have been doing that for about two weeks now and the hang that you have the next day is great.

Thanks for all of your insight Wad.

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
How long have you been doing this Great Stretch routine wad? Any gains from it?

I’ve only being doing it for several days, lol. I was doing it in preparation to beginning my full-fledged PE comeback, which I started yesterday (had another great workout today).

I don’t know if the “great stretch” is due to the fact that I’d had a morning session each day or what. But I will say this, that stretch workout is modelled exactly like a stretch-only session I used to do quite a while ago - only the times have been abbreviated, and I didn’t used to hot wrap back then when I stretched only.

Checking through my old .xls, I confirmed an 8 mm (0.31”) EL gain in only 1 month. Not bad. Only, it was sheer torture on the hands, fingers, wrists, etc. And my unit took a pretty bad beating. So, I know that EL gains can be made from a stretch-only workout, and I included this scaled-down version of what I was doing when I was doing only stretching. But if you do a regular PE session during the day, this abbreviated nightly session should help.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

So you did the smart thing and came back easy? Not hog wild?

Yeah, after 7 months off, I didn’t want to be stupid. Even with a very unambitious “regular session” the other day, still had a lot of bruising up both sides of the shaft - after only modest wet jelqing.

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