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1250 members--posters needed


1250 members--posters needed


We have 1250 members and it seems the brunt of keeping you all entertained and PE educated is on the shoulders of a few.
So here is your chance for a first post. Just say Hi and give us your stats or what ever you want to add. We need some new blood to kind of stir things up. So all you lurkers and new guys start pulling your weight and add to the boards content. All you vets egg the newbies and lurkers on lets get them to start adding to the board instead of just taking.


I’ll be first! HI guys!

Thanks Still but your not a lurker, I was hoping to get some new people posting. You know some future Dinos and Stills to keep this place going strong after us vets reach our goal and maybe are less active.


Just bein a smart ass

Yea man I know I was just bein a smart ass…its the water here in Tennessee.


You a smart ass “no way” I find that hard to believe. :)



I know it hard to believe anybody coming close to our fast wit or charming personalities and our deep knowledge of PE and world events in general. Well just the other day when me and Still were down at the soup kitchen helping the needy and discussing world peace and my latest Nobel prize, Still was telling me about his new invention the Warp drive reactor. We said enough of this nonsense we have to get back to serious business at thunders helping our fellow human beings make there FUCKING COCKS GROW SO THEY CAN GET MORE TAIL!

Dino :)

Well, knowing you guys like I do, I guess one more of each of you wouldn’t be a bad thing. I can just see you two guys working in a soup kitchen and I don’t want to know what you were using to stir the soup, do I?

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Ha ha haaaaa. Oh man you made me gag on some of my Smirnoff Ice! Naw screw the soup kitchen. I’ll be down on Cabbage Beach then it’s off to Hedonism!!

Okay,well,I havent even started PEing yet due to the fact that I want to wait until I get my digital camera to take some before pics.Unfortunately,I’ve recently ran into some car troubles and I’ll most likely have to spend most or all of my tax check on my car.Anyways,as I’ve previously stated in a different topic that I currently measure a little over 5 inches epbl (3 inches while flaccid) and just about 5 inches girth.

I realize PEing is not a short term thing and takes time,dedication and a lot of ” yankin’ ” and I am definitely up to the task whenever I decide to start my journey towards gaining a larger penis.It’s great knowing that theres a place where I can go and tell people about my experiences with PEing and not feel weird about it.Take care guys.

My Goals: 7" x 6 " enbpl

New member


I registered last week and I just want to add to this line of discussion. I hope that if someone new dares to send a note, the rest will follow (hopefully). Anyway, I am placed in Mexico City but am not from here originally. I hope that I will be accepted around here, even though it sometimes seems as newcomers that start of with more than 7” are thought of as hoaxes. I my case I started 6 weeks ago with 8” 1/4 ebpl and 4” 3/4 girth. I hope to gain some on top of these measurements, especially girth. I have already noticed some gains and I must say that it feels strange to sence a different (read bigger) cock in your hand (almost as if you where holding another guy´s dick ;) ). I imagine that this strange feeling is common among all of you pe’ers?

Well, see you around guys.

New to Thunder's place

This site rocks! I paid the forty bucks for penile fitness and it SUCKS ASS compared to this free forum cept Nona is fun to chat with. Today marks my third complete week of pe. Fun so far but I am impatient and overzealous but obscessive until I reach my goals so this has to work.

start stats
7.125 elbp
5.6 eg midshaft
dead streach 7.125-.25 isn this supposed to be longer than full erect length.

my routine is in the strange strech lenght section.

GOAL 8.5x6.28(or 2 inch diameter)

what is the best time to chat here?

r.e. Priapos

The fact that you are starting out at about 8 inches is going to make your task much easier. I say 8 because I think that bone pressed is for the birds - the extra bone pressed length is not useful if you get my drift. If I were you, I would concentrate on jelqing as a means to increase girth. This will also increase length slightly, and unless you plan on breeding livestock, you probably don’t need a lot more length. Slow, intense jelqing with moist heat applications before and after have helped me add 1 inch in girth in 1 month. I bet this could help you too. Best of luck to you and let us know how you do!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Fear of Posting


I’m curious. What, honestly, is your fear or fantasy about posting to a site at which you are already a member?

Seriously. I’d like to know. Moderators would like to know.

I prepare the meat dishes behind the line at the same soup kitchen where dino and Still stir and dish the soup. I hear them talking about this all the time. “What the heck are they afraid of?”




Well avocet…we DO have some pretty “high speed” Troll Tracking software at our disposal…so maybe if they start posting we could track them down and expose their real identities!

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