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Here is my take on it. I registered in March and pretty much have been a lurker up until last week. My reasons were:

1) the forum offers such a vast amount of info it takes some time to really digest it all.

2) Sometimes it’s difficult to bring up a point or discuss a topic unless you have some personal experience with such, and that takes time. I am now only beginning to share my experiences.

3) On the surface it’s pretty outlandish to think that we are yanking, squeezing, stretching, hanging wieghts on our units. Talking about it might take some getting used to. At least that is how it was for me.

4) Have you ever thought that the forum is so complete that it may be difficult bring something up because it was already covered in a previous thread? I have experienced this personally.

5) Trust / fear. I think that many people by nature worry that they might ask a “stupid” question or be criticized. It’s hard enough to talk about your dick with strangers, additionally to say something that was criticized could be devastating.

Fortunately this forum provides and incredible amount of support, guidance and direction. I think that by providing this same environment more will come out of the woodwork with some encouragement much like myself. I will do my part and stay more involved. Thanks for everything!

Hey goodwood,

I felt all of those things you mention the first time I posted on PE Forums. Hell I even apologized for asking a stupid question. One of the vets (and I can’t remember who it was for the life of me) replied back “The only stupid question is the one never asked”. Ever since then I’ve asked more than my share of stupid questions and it doesn’t even cross my mind anymore. I’ve done some stupid answers in my time as well.

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That is so true Thunder! Questions you want, questions you’ll get. I’m finally starting to get past the barbaric nature of this quest.


BTW, thank for all the hard work, it’s paying off! :)


Well said……….I remember being a newbie and asking stupid questions and sitting there and waiting for a response and hearing only crickets in the background as the vet’s and moderators just rolled there eyes back and most likely thought that Boy has as much sense as a rock and didn’t bother answering me. But I wore them down and found that we got some really good people on this board.


There are no stupid questions; but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots.

(Realise that I’m not taking a jab at anyone; I’ve been quite inquisitive in my few weeks here ;) )


Good bunch of reasons. And well-put. I can identify with some of those.

How about the rest of you out there in Silence Land?



Ah, yes, I remember my first “stupid question”. Those were the days….

Lurkers, let us know what’s up! Even if you just want to say that there’s nothing to say and nothing could possibly be added..

May I offer a possible reason?

too many people just read posts and dont offer any advice or even encouragment or hello.

Hi, Good success to you all. if you know comment!

Hey, I’ll jump in. Today is my first day back after about a month and half form the site and PE. I never really posted much but I’m really ready to get going again - I was out with a thombrosed vein that I didn’t think would ever go away. I see a lot of new names so I better get back to lurking around so I can catch up on all I missed.


Also, many guests sign on just to look at the photos, with no intention of ever posting. With the number of ‘easy’ ways to get nude photos, porn etc, on the web, I can’t understand why they bother to go through the signing up process just to see some guy with 20lbs hanging off his dick.


Hey Thunder, I might post more if I did not have to wait 240 seconds between postings. Could you reduce that?



You would be surprised how many trolls want to stop you from getting free PE information. This board is under attack all the time.
If it wasn’t for guys like Thunder, Size and LIl who manage to keep our security one step ahead we wouldn’t even have a board. So hang in there with the delay.


to jeltoid

Your post 05-13-2002 03:26 PM

Thanks for your comments.

You write that as I am starting out at about 8 inches this is going to make my task much easier. In what sense is the length making it easier? I don´t have any problems of doing long jelq strokes which should be a problem for guys with shorter shafts, are you referring to this? Otherwise, I thaught that guys starting of with smaller sizes showed better growth in average. In my case though, even as I started with 8” it was very badly maintained so to speak; very soft and hangy. Now, after six weeks, it is much more solid and well hung. I hope this trend will continue for some time.

Wow has thunders grown in the last 16 months!!! But we still need the new guys to hop on the posting wagon. Who will be the next Bib or the next Thunder? Who’s going to invent the next great device to help us all reach out goals?

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