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11 weeks off - I need feedback please


11 weeks off - I need feedback please

Well, after 11 weeks off, cold turkey, the results are in. I’ve lost 1.15 cubic inches of volume (about 5.1%). My length has creeped back to where it was 7 months ago (7.72”), and my girth is the thinnest it’s been in 2 years (6.06”). The only thing that didn’t really change was my BPFSL (only lost about 1mm). This sucks. :(

My best gains came from a mostly jelqing routine. But my girth started to run away from my length (Aug. 2003 = 7.36 x 6.34 midshaft….too bad I didn’t hook up with - Dr. Bitch then). But that was my first full year of PE, and I increased my size by 1.24” x 1.14” and about 79% volume increase. I’ve only cemented a measly additional 0.36” EL during the past 17 months! In other words, in a 50% longer time span, I gained only 1/4 of what I did then.

That was mostly because I gradually phased out jelqing and greatly increased my stretch time. I did gain some length, but the resulting girth losses actually diminished my volume. So….my cock got longer, but smaller. And this break really hit my girth badly. The length is still 7.72” (I obviously had not cemented the 7.8” from 11-1-04).

Here’s the dilemma: I want 8.5” mild BP for sure (that’s my minimum goal). However, the surest and most dramatic gains (length or girth) I’ve made were from slow, strong, dry jelqs. However, I always get a big girth boost from these, nearly meeting a 1:1 ratio of girth:length gains. To hit that 8.5 with a mild BP, I’d have to gain about 1 more inch EL. If I followed my old routine, that would put me at about 8.5 x 7 midshaft. That’s seems rather ghastly. I can try a combination routine (heavy jelqs in the a.m. - taking advantage of morning wood), then a 15-minute stretching session at night. That might allow me to squeak by with about 8.5 x 6.6-6.75 (still rather huge, especially since my base girth is nearly 1/2” more).

Or I can stick with what I have: 7.72 (deep BP, about 7.5 mild BP) x 6.06 midshaft (about 6.5” base). That’s actually a little under 23 ci. Or I can pull out all the stops and potentially wind up with 30-33 ci of pussy-traumatizing meat.

We’ve discussed size (esp. girth) so much here. I wanted some honest opinions from you guys….

(1) Should I compromise my goal of 8.5 mild BP (which means a lot to me), in order to stay within a “safe range” of girth?
(2) Should I hit this hard for another 12-18 months, doing what I know works for me, regardless of where my girth ends up?
(3) Do you think 6.6-7” girth midshaft would seriously impact on the pussy I get? I figure that anal would be out, and guys here with more girth than me have complained that even blowjobs become too awkward.

I need some help. Thanks.

- w a d

1. No. Get your gains no matter how you get them.

2. Yes. Full throttle, you’re only young once. You can put this PE behind you and enjoy your hard work.

3. No. Girth is King. The girls can handle it. Blowjobs shmojobs, the fun part will be watching them try. Anal shmanal, with big girth, everything will feel like an anus. :)

I’ll be blunt because that’s what you asked for: Stop trying to build a designer dick, you mad scientist you. Just get the gains.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

I agree with Ramrod, Wad. Go for it. Don’t worry how it ends up. If you’re uncomfortable with added girth, you can always stop PE altogether and you’ll lose some.

There’s nothing like a long (and thick) cock. Don’t overdo it, though. Dry jelqing with a few stretches thrown in is working great for me right now. And my girth is down a bit, compensated by added length.

When I started I got good length and girth gains. If you go back to your original routine, you may have the same experience. Who knows?

Good luck, pal.

"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Mr. Zilla. You would be a fool not to take all the girth you can get. I would only stop if I were to hit about nine inches in girth if I were you. Seven or more will earn you god-like fame amongst the ladies and everyone will wonder what it’s like to be with the biggest.

"[Spits on ground] Such a big cock! I love big cock." -- Gauge

I think you should go for it because from my impression of your past posts I believe you’ll be happier even bigger. Perhaps you may indeed become too big for some women to deal with, but you’d drive others even wilder. JMHO

Originally Posted by wadzilla

Or I can stick with what I have: 7.72 (deep BP, about 7.5 mild BP) x 6.06 midshaft (about 6.5” base). That’s actually a little under 23 ci. Or I can pull out all the stops and potentially wind up with 30-33 ci of pussy-traumatizing meat.

C’mon, wad! Pull out those proverbial stops. You know you want to. Hell, forget pulling on the stops and pull on your dick instead. Work it. Cement what you’ve got, and go for that magic 8½.

You really don’t need our permission to get that monster cock online.

However, when it is, and when you are using it for the first time, we’ll be expecting a - detailed and anatomically correct medical report.

With pictures. :thumbs:

You are the Barbara Cartland of PE.


How many times have we told you?




Yeah, I just can’t stomach 17 more months for a measly 0.36” EL. If I end up with salami, oh well - I’ll just use more K-Y. I need that 8.5! Can you hear me, brothers, I say, Can you hear me??!!


So are you gonna hang?

Originally Posted by wadzilla

Yeah, I just can’t stomach 17 more months for a measly 0.36” EL. If I end up with salami, oh well - I’ll just use more K-Y. I need that 8.5! Can you hear me, brothers, I say, Can you hear me??!!


Preach it! Preach it! Waaaaaahhhhhh! Yeah, Reverend Wadd! Salahhhmmaahhhhiiiiii!

The preceding announcement has been paid for by The Church of the Well-Endowed Man.

We now return to our regular post , already in progress.

*along with the Rice Sock as a warmup.

Hope this helps.


I think that’s how it goes. I posted pictures here in June 03, and my current measurments match what I posted then. During that time I actively did PE about half the time, and seem to have cemented that size since I’ve been off PE for about 6 weeks now. Currently I’m focused on foreskin restoration, and am not in a hurry to get back to PE. All I really want PE-wise is to get to the same 8.5BP(mild like you said), which is roughly 1/2” away. My current 5.75” girth is fine.

BTW, I loved your Dr. Bitch thread. I haven’t laughed that loudly in a long time.

Go for it Wad.

Surely you’ll be able to get any lost girth back afterwards with pumping. In fact getting the extra length, even at the expense of some initial girth loss, would probably give you the cock material to get more girth than you had previously hoped for! (I hope that makes sense)


Since you’ve been disciplined enough to abstain for 11 weeks, I’d say go for length with a very moderate routine to try and prevent having to go into another deconditioning phase any time soon. You can always bring the girth up at a later date.

The fact that your FBPSL is only 1mm off previous measurements suggests to me that you’ve not actually lost anything. More likely is that there’s just a minimal about of fibres holding the current size that’ll quickly give way when you start back. I suspect you’ll see some rapid ground recovered in the next week or two, and then you can start the slow trek into new territory.

I think doing girth now would be less than optimal for your length work as the tissues are going to be flooded with all kinds fire engines and special forces trying to shore up the damage. One trauma at a time so as not to “crowd the kitchen”, and save the girth ‘til last.

Hey Wad,

Great news!

I took that 12 weeks off and started back up 3 weeks ago. I am gaining like I just started all over again and to tell the truth I think there’s more to the extended break than meets the eye. Sure, I lost length and girth but I am still more than when I started and if I stay with it I will reach my goals.

You already know:

Stretches, flaccid jelqs and if you hang you will get you the length you want :)

Good luck!!

The ravings of a madman...

There is nothing ghastly about 8.5 MBP x 7 MG.. That would be magnificent! Go balls to the wall and we will all anxiously await the ruler photos and freaky tales(or is that TAILS??). :D

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