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1000 new membership openings

Originally Posted by petitfaun

Remember Guys, Just three or so $ a month via paypal from a large number of people would go way to keeping Thunders alive and Pulling!

Well said, petitfaun!

:_pump: :donatecar

Hello to all.

As you can see I am one of the 1000 new!
Thanks Thunder! I Have been a guest here for a while, glad to be able to participate now.

Welcome LeCorreio!

Hope you find what you’re looking for here!

Thank you Iamaru. I will check the topic for sure.

Thank you ThunderSS !! I am very happy to be a member here, and although I just spent the remainder of my free money on a fleshlight STU, next check I get I will make sure some comes the way of supporting this site!

I am so glad you opened up new membership slots. I hope to learn a lot and contribute the best I can.

Ahhh, newbies! I can almost smell the “newbie thread” shifting into hyperdrive!

WE are the 99% 'WE are the people you depend on; we cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls. We drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Don't f&ck with us'-- Madame DeFarge

"Rope trades @$10 a yard. I wonder if they even know that?"- Capitalist

Originally Posted by androNYC

Ahhh, newbies! I can almost smell the “newbie thread” shifting into hyperdrive!

I have a good feeling about this crop of newbies!

:_pump: :donatecar

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
You should have access to all of those links amar. What happens when you click one of the links?

I just tried again and suddenly it seems to work for me :)

Many props to the dedicated moderators. A revolution of sorts.Together, overthrowing the old regime of smaller, penises making life miserable for all-too-many. Hopefully, we can all ‘gain’ a little from the shared information, haha. I’m looking forward to the path, and the promise to which it leads. Thunder, you are a people’s hero. Just know that! -9x7 for sara

I belong to this new one thousand privileged group. Having access to all forums is wonderful. I’ve already given thanks to the Lord God for allowing me to be part of this. I guess I’m gonna be very successful in PE cause there’s a lot of interesting and preventing information about all techniques.. I’ve already taken pics of me today on my first measurements as showed on the forum, BPEL, NBPEL, BEG, MEG, BP FL, NBPFSL.. And I know I’m gonna take a week to start doing PE.

I’d like to thank you Thunder for being such a gentle men who thought in other men’s needs.. Really Thanks

AHHHHH more newbies to answer too. I think everyone else has enough trouble answering me! ;)


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