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10 Tips for PE

Originally Posted by matutinal_euphony
It’s a well known fact that most men have refractory periods, and there are studies that have shown that a great majority of men last about three minutes in bed.

Yes, most men do have refractory periods of various durations and I know that most guys can’t stand up in it for long. My last GF used to laugh at how short most couples lasted when we’d hear them through the motel walls. I can only imagine what they thought when they heard us. Even with my present GF, who hasn’t the stamina of my last one, sex is always a matter of an hour or more.

I don’t believe that the general lack of endurance is genetics, just lack of control - both physical and mental. As I’ve said many times before, I think my method is responsible for my lack of a refractory period and my endurance. I personally can not accept that I was “gifted” by an accident of birth. There is an old saying: what one man can do another man can do.

What’s your method? You’ve piqued my interest.


Originally Posted by matutinal_euphony

I couldn’t agree more. I believe the penis should be hard as a brick at least 2-3 times daily. And I personally enjoy having no refractory period whatsoever. I have a feeling that other guys wouldn’t mind being able to have sex all night long instead of for three minutes, or if they’re doing good, 20 minutes. I mean, women need more time than that to get warmed up my friend. In Tantra and Taoism, the woman’s energy is thought of as water while the man’s energy is like fire. Water takes a while to reach a boil (via fire), but it is also slow to cool down. Fire on the other hand is easy to flare up, and easy to kill— with water. You might not be able to make sense out of that, but what it means to me and others who understand this ancient secret is that women need some time to get their engine running. If you ejaculate too fast you are ruining your chances of pleasing a woman. With that said, being able to control your ejaculation is more important than having a big dick because it will produce deeper levels of pleasure. Now, if people could learn how to get the reigns on their ejaculations, they would enjoy the same freedom that I do. Not only does it enable you to go as long as you could imagine, but it has many untold benefits that you’re simply never going to gain unless you quit ejaculating. But do what works for you!! One thing I really do agree with is that you absolutely shouldn’t ejaculate during masturbation. Sometimes sex gets so wild that you want to blow a load. More power to that decision bro!

Another post that would be much more readable with a few paragraphs breaks added in, m_e. I did that for you in the original post: matutinal_euphony - 10 Tips for PE.

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Originally Posted by matutinal_euphony
What’s your method? You’ve piqued my interest.

I’ve offered a little pamphlet I wrote outlining it on here in another post. As long as it’s not published or passed around, I’ll email it to anyone interested (it’s too big to pm)

Thanks for that feedback.


Originally Posted by matutinal_euphony

If you ejaculate too fast you are ruining your chances of pleasing a woman.

……… I don’t …….. ejaculate too fast….. ;)

Paraphrased: It is not the critic who counts: The credit belongs to the man in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, who, at the best, knows the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.

Regarding ejaculation: I ejaculate about 3 times /week by sex and sometimes by masturbation. My penis doesn’t turtle after that, in fact , it has a nice hang . But if I do more rough sex/masturbation, then it turtles. I don’t think prolaction remains elevated after you ejaculate, is there any reference to that? But overall, yes, ejaculation puts you 1 square backwards. I found myself sometimes too tempted to ejaculate, but if I get over that, the force is strong in my penis :)

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I totally disagree with the ejaculation thing. Obviously though if you’re whacking off so much in the day you don’t get a good PE session (ruining EQ etc) then it’s a bad idea. But I see no reason why someone can ‘release’ at night time before sleep. For me it always makes me have great morning/night wood and my dick is perfect for the next day.

Of course everyone is different I just don’t think holding in sperm does anything except create possible prostate problems especially if someone partakes in clamping and edges through the session and doesn’t bust there nut afterwards.

Originally Posted by UpTo7

One has to find a golden middle. Not ejaculating at all is a bad thing, of course, as it can lead to prostate problems, but ejaculating 15 times a week is overdoing it. I would say one should ejaculate as much as he wants if it’s from sex because sex should never suffer on account of PE. However, ejaculating from masturbation should be limited. I personally ejaculate from sex 3-5 times a week and from masturbation 1-3 times a week. Works for me. :)

That’s 4-7 times of ejaculation which is no more than once a day and that’s perfect.

I think every 2 days or 3 times a week is good for ejaculation. I’ve gone 4 or 5 days and I don’t know I leak pre cum like crazy, but is it also unhealthy to go that long? I have a hard enough time doing it only once a day.

Originally Posted by devilknight666

Never effects my EQ.

You’re in minority then.

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A goo all around set of tips. The one about not ejaculating, though, is strictly personal.

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Like most of the others I agree it’s a good list, except for number one.

Telling people that 3 hours of pumping at 12 mm Hg is beneficial is eventually going to cause some newbie to injure himself.

And your absolute certainty about the ejaculation thing is amazing since no one has ever done a valid study on the subject.

One of your points is “know the anatomy.” I’d also suggest knowing the physiology. Mystical Ki stuff aside, please explain physiologically how ejaculation negates gains made by PE exercises. How does the normal contraction of the penile tissues after ejaculation “ruin” a session?

For what it is worth on the days I ejaculate after PE, 75% of the time my flaccid stays nice and big and heavier than when I don’t ejaculate.

I am not actively pumping now, but if I pump about 5hg, my EQ goes to hell. If I stay between 3.0 and 3.5 I get great expansion and great erections.

Maybe this 12HG works for you, but when I read the pumpers forum it does not appear to work for many people. One of the vets:

gprent - Soft when I exit pump

Originally Posted by gprent
I have been staying in the 3”hg range for quite a while now and my results are the best ever.

Seems I really wasted a lot of time, like years, trying to make pumping at high pressure work.

If you want to skip all the hassle and go right to getting consistent excellent results, just try pumping at low pressure for a week. I do three 12 to 15 minute sets every work out with a massage to full erection between each set. Finish off your routine with a full erection for at least 5 minutes. You will be impressed with you flaccid size and EQ.

Originally Posted by Acid Jazz

……… I don’t …….. ejaculate too fast….. ;)

Then you exercise ejaculation control which is what I advocate! :-)



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