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that is a damn good point

Just like “confident,” “mysterious” is probably another one of those woman-words with a meaning not found in the dictionary. They want a man who is “mysterious” and “confident.” Well, I suppose if you’re “confident” and it’s not obvious why, then that’s a little “mysterious” — especially if they can’t just pull down your pants right there at the, uh, cocktail party and check to see if you have a big cock…ooohh, so that's why he’s so confident!! Solves that little (big?) mystery!

Of course, having a big package isn’t the only thing that would give a man confidence; having a $10 million trust fund might too. So if you’re mysteriously confident, they’ll have to start asking you questions about your car, your career, where you live (the rich part of town, maybe?) to rule that possibility in or out.

The ironic thing is that answering the question of what a woman is looking for in a man with “I like a man who’s mysterious!” sounds like an answer without being one — if anything, it makes what the woman is looking for mysterious. Then if you ask them a followup (“Mysterious in what way?” Confident about what?), the answer you get usually sounds just like this: Ajsys lsooesjs, whahos slusyv ahasiow plasubthahurn defnisibquaslit mugthser. In other words, bla bla bla.

They don’t want to give you a straight answer.

Meanwhile, we’ve got all these clueless men running around thinking that being confident means to go around like an arrogant prick, rather than be confident about having a big dick. And who get sold a pile of stupid self-help tapes teaching you how to hypnotize yourself into being confident, rather than becoming competent, from which all genuine confidence grows.