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1 month so far

1 month so far

Hey whats up?

SO i have been doing the newbie routine for a month now solid, I started to learn about this stuff last year though through thunders. I just wish i stuck with it, i would be well ahead of the game, but anyways. I have been doing 5 minutes of hot wrap, then about 10 minutes of stretches pulling down up and out. Then 10 minutes of jelq. Then jump in the shower and warm down. I have noticed a bigger gain in my flaccid definitly. But im not too sure on Bpel because i would always get differnt sizes when i would measure it. Anyways, does anyone have any input on things i should be doing other for more size, i know i have been only going for a month, oh yea i go 2 days on 1 off then 2 days then the weekend off for days peing. I missed one or two fridays because i wouldnt have the time with people comin over my house etc. But basically what im trying to ask, is there anything i should throw in there extra and how much longer would it take to see some nice gains on average. Anything that would help length and girth would be great.

One month into it is more like you are conditioning your dick for more to come. Give it some time and keep at it, while increasing the intensity over time. As far as the hot wrap goes, I dislike that kinda warm-up because it doesn’t provide constant heat. I had my best results under a constant hot water flow, like the shower. I did all my stretching in there before moving on to another room for the jelq part, under infrared heat. Worked great for me, but that’s just my personal experience.

Check out the routines from other members here on the board, there’s tons of useful stuff.

Make it huge....!

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