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1 day on 1 day off

1 day on 1 day off

Anyone doing their PE sessions like this with good results?

Yes I did that in my second month of PE.
I got gains of 1/8 inch in girth as well as length. Those gains were slightly better than the first month but I think there are too many variables to compare the two.
But it works.

I’ve been doing a lot less volume now but 6on/1off and I think (it’s only my first week) this is the best I tried so far.

going for the 8x7 !!!

I have done a one on-one off for the months of September and November. In September, I gained a 1/4” in length. I will post my results for November as soon as I get a good quality erection.

Which way is better 1 day on 1 day off or 5 days on 2 days off?

Whichever way gets results for you is the best.

Ask your dick.

IOW, let the condition of your penis relative to the ex’s your doing determine your frequency. Don’t PE if your’re shriveled and overworked. Instead, give it a break or do PC work until you get back to a nice, fat hang. With manual exercises there is likely to be some collateral damage to the vascular system within the penis, some exercises more than others will contribute to this situation and it’s probably due to the individual and their technique. I believe the tissues which play the most signicicant role in PE results are also the toughest. A paradox in that the weaker tissues more susceptible to overstress and injury are not really the ones which have such a great effect on size. It may be everday you can do this, every other, perhaps a different scenario altogether. Best and safest for you to find out for yourself by mild experimentation at first. The small amount of gain that I achieved came during a period or “erratic PE” where the sessions where not on a rigid schedule and plenty of off days were inadvertanly involved. Whenever my next attempt takes place, it will follow the rule of appropriateness…relaxed, fat hang with maximal erection potential. No PE on swelled dick. For me, it’s just fluid build-up and does not contribute to anything but an overstressed cock. Schedule on paper be damned, go by the condition of your organ. Good luck. Groa

I agree with you groa.Sometimes i get my pants of and have everything prepared for my session,then i look down at it,and can tell that its still overworked or it just wont be productiveat the time and just wait till the next day.Its good to notice theser things.


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