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1/4" FSEL gain

1/4" FSEL gain

Just started a new routine this month, and I already see FS gains which is as sign that it may be working. Yeah, I know it isn’t much. But it’s my first in nearly 2 years!* Woo-Hoo!!

*Haven’t really done any significant PE since ‘01, that’s probably why…


Re: 1/4" FSEL gain

Originally posted by Sizemeister
Just started a new routine this month, and I already see FS gains which is as sign that it may be working. Yeah, I know it isn't much. But it's my first in nearly 2 years!* Woo-Hoo!!

*Haven't really done any significant PE since '01, that's probably why…

Not much? Better scrap that negative attitude! ANY gain is a good one in MY book! Whats the routine?

Way to go SIZE! Keep trucking along and soon you’ll have an eighteen wheeler! :D

Or a bigger penis, whichever.


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

1/4 inch in one month? I’d take those gains any day.

Any erect gains yet?

hey sizemeister,

whats up? i was just wondering what your new routine was?

No erect gains yet. Actually, I have lost about 1/8” length and 1/4” girth since my last official measurement 2 years ago. I now stand at 7 5/16” x 5 1/4”. I don’t really count 1/16ths so I record the length as 7 1/4”. I am primarily going after more length right now, and hoping to gain back the girth I have lost.

I used to only wet jelq, but I can’t do this in my current situation since I can’t justify having the lube that I liked to use. I need to be able to quit on the drop of a hat and not have greasy hands and penis.

My current routine is actually pretty simple. I use a “Uli thing” for about 20 minutes total. I use the cable clamp design described on another thread on this page. I do some light squeeze exercises while in the Uli thing (I will open a thread in Personal Routines to elaborate). This is for girth, primarily.

When I take off the Uli thing, let the swelling subside then I do a variety of strenuous manual stretches.

1. Pull straight out in all directions, as hard as I can.
2. V-stretches, focusing on all of my shaft
3. A certain stretch which I haven’t seen specified on this board but I’m sure some people have tried before. Grab behind your head in a palm-down OK grip, pull down, and then rotate your hand upward so that the shaft is resting wrapped on your thumb. Pull upward pressing your thumb into the shaft as hard as you can. This is most similar to the A-stretch I guess.

I do these flaccid but I still have some turgidity from the Uli’s. This helps me get a better grip behind the head since it is still somewhat swollen. Also, this gives me a much more fatigued feeling in my tunica than with the usual flaccid stretches, due to there being some swelling remaining from fluid buildup. I do all of these stretches for about 20 minutes, switching when I get tired of the particular stretch that I’m doing. I do a couple of manual squeezes or dry jelqs at the end to get blood back into my head. When I am finished I look like I have elephantitis.

This is too intense for me to do every day, I have been taking a day off every 3 days or so. I am going to see whether doing these stretches AFTER girth exercises impact length growth quicker for me, rather than the conventional wisdom that says to do length work first.




I’m doing almost the same routine as you now.. Here’s to gains!

Congratulations man! I believe that flaccid gains are somewhat of a precursor to erect gains. I myself have made flaccid gains lately, just returning from a 6-week vacation, during which I performed regular stretching but no erect exercises. I plan to focus entirely on erect work for the next month or to, as I discussed in a thread a while back, and I’ll see what happens.

A good gain and sounds like a intense workout for sure..

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

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