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1/2" Girth In 2 Months!!!


1/2" Girth In 2 Months!!!

Well, I started PE on Feb 1st. I started with just jelqs. Every morning and occasionally in the evenings as well. I slowly worked my way up to 700 fast jelks in the shower and 300 in the evening bath. Then I read some threads from our hero, ULI and I added what I think are called ULI squeezes. Both morning and evening and even at work when taking a piss if I have time. At the present time I am doing 700 jelqs, mixed fast and slow and then 10 ULI squeezes in the morning shower and then 300 med. jelqs in the evening bath with 10 more ULI squeezes. I also still do extra ULI squeezes at piss time during the day. Maybe 3 times on some days. I do not use pumps or hangers or none of that stuff. I don’t knock them, I just don’t like the idea. I only took one day off in since Feb 1st and it practically drove me mad! I don’t like taking days off at all. I just don’t!

Feb 1st I measured in @ 6.5” bpel and 5.5” girth. I have been going up 1/8” increments at a time and today I measured 3 times and I am at 6” girth!!! It has been looking wierd lately. Like someone elses dick. Heh heh. I just knew it had enlarged but I did not want to measure too soon but today I just could not hold out any longer and there it was! The 6” mark! No length gains yet but I am sure they are still to come. I have added some but not a lot of stretches. I am not as concerned with my length at this point as I have been my girth. I want my little buddy to be as big around as I can get him! I think that is what opens the eyes the widest on Mrs V when I stick it in is the girth. I won’t stop ‘till it is as big around as a can of corn!

Like I said before, my length is still 6.5”. I have a marvelous hang/swing and I just love to go to the gym and walk around in the hot tub area where all the other guys are. Please understand, I am only 5’3.5” tall. It probably looks kind of funny on this little guy but I sure get a lot of stares from some of the other guys there. My dick actually does not go down in size that much when it is not hard. From what I understand that is called a shower??? Anyway, I don’t know if I would want more than 8” in length. I guess that we shall see when I get there.

I think attitude and faith are as big a builder as the excersizes themselves. I think we have to believe that it is going to get bigger and actually look down and tell it that it is and that helps a lot. A bit of praying about it seems to do wonders as well. Since I discovered these ULI squeezes, my gains just took off! I am not sure that is what you call them but I think it is.

I am so glad you are all here! Isn’t it cool that we all have a place where we can come and brag or complain about our dicks? You sure can’t do that at work or with your best friend…….and so far I do not tell MRS V because it is just so much fun having my little secret. Somtime I will tell her, but that sometime is not here yet.

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Congratulations on the gains! Keep up the good work.

Would you mind explaining how the ULI squeezes are done? :)


Originally Posted by Ramrod
That’s great, V.

How long do you hold the squeezes?

Good question. If there is a clock nearbye I hold them for 30 seconds each. If there is no clock, I slowly count to ten.

Oh BTW, two more things that I do that I forgot to mention. I also do some Horse440s during piss times if I can get a semi-chubby and I also quit wearing underwear. I don’t know if that helps but i think it does.


Originally Posted by thatthickunit
Congratulations on the gains! Keep up the good work.

Would you mind explaining how the ULI squeezes are done? :)

I don’t mind at all.

Please keep in mind that I “think” they are called ULI squeezes. I don’t read and retain very well and this is why I have some confusion about it.

First I do some jelqs so my unit fills up and get a bit stiff but not what I would call an erection. I then grab at the base with a OK with my palm toward the head of my peter. I squeeze just about as hard as I can and the unit fills up pretty good and the head gets bigger. I then tighten down my grip with my middle, ring and pinkey fingers. I don’t squeeze too hard with the added fingers because I don’t want the head to popp off! heh heh
There is a tremendous amount of pressure in the unit at this point. It will usually get almost an inch longer when I squeeze with the extra fingers. I hold this for 10-30 seconds. And then I switch to the other hand. I do 5x in each hand per session. I really don’t know if this excercise or the Horse440s are doing the trick. i just do them both because I like to excercise my unit. I think it is fun and I like having a big hanger! OK I like it when it is hard too!


Nice gains vs.

I’m just wondering how do you do your horse440s with such a low erection?

I just stand at the urinal and I pull on it a few times and roll it in my hands untill it loosens up and starts to feel good. Then I pump my muscle a bit to fill it up and clamp a couple of times and it comes right around. I will say, it does not work all the time. It does however work well if a good looking gal comes into my workplace previously! LOL


Originally Posted by vs
A bit of praying about it seems to do wonders as well.

Dear Lord, I beseech thee …

Sorry, I don’t mean to poke fun. It just seems a strange thought. But why not? After all, most people pray for a Mercedes.

That’s right! And 3/4 of the time the Mercedes is just another form of penis-envy anyway! LOL


Holy crap, 1/2 girht in two months is a lot! Congrats vs, I´m really happy for you! Can you tell if Mrs. vs has noticed a diference in sex? You know, more aaah, aah aaaaaaah…

Come on, Some of us wanna read such succesful stories to keep us motivated! :D

It usually takes me 15 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

Mrs V has been telling me I have a big weener a lot lately. I wish she would use the word cock or dick but she does not like to talk dirty. I do wish she would. She has been saying Whoa a lot lately on insertion. Tha’ts very good!

I have to go now. I will come home later this evening and tell you some of my sex benefits in having a 6” girth and there are benefits.

Talk to you all later.


Those are some great gains, I’d be lying if I said I weren’t jealous. Do you have problems with spotting after doing so many jelqs?

My Gains thus far You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the near future. "Combat salacious removal"

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